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The Allison Show: Last day in Sin City.

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Friday, January 27

Last day in Sin City.

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After getting in at 4am, I was planning on sleeping in late but NO.  The rooms are very well soundproofed except by the room door.  So when anyone stands in the hallway it sounds like they are in your room.  And if anyone slams their door, it sounds like a gunshot.  So guess what the crazy drunk guys next door did?  They got up at 8, slammed their door and stood in the hallway talking.  So of course I was awake for the day.  Letting the girls sleep, I went down stairs and got Starbucks and McDonald's {breakfast of champions.  LOL}  After we ate we decided to check out some of the really pretty Chinese New Year decorations.

SD BFF and I.

Then we got these!!!!!!!!!!

Matching tattoos!!!  They have 3 stars, one in teal, pink, and purple. Then our initials SAS.  I kept trying to convince them to get our initials as ASS but no one was down.  LOL  They got theirs on their feet and I got mine on my right wrist. 

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