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Thursday, January 26


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We slept late and then when we were getting ready, I got another surprise!!!  We had spa appointments at 12!!!!!!!!  So excited.  We were all getting a 50 minute massage. This is seriously the best birthday ever!!!

My massage was amazing.  Afterward we went and had some lunch {pizza from a place in our hotel}and went souvenir shopping!! For $40 SD BFF bought a present for each of her kids {she has 2},a light up cup for herself,  I got a present for each of my 5 kids, Hubby got a shirt, and we bought a keychain for CO BFF.   Then we headed back upstairs for a little nap and rest.  Why did we need to rest?? Cause we are seeing Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love theater and this will be my second time seeing Phantom!

We got all dolled up and hit the theater!!

The chandelier is hanging down into the audience!!  Phantom was awesome!

After the show we got a late dinner and walked around the strip.

We ended up at a club around midnight and danced for a couple hours before heading back to the hotel. Then we decided to cruise the strip like the locals do. "Windows down, chilling with the radio on"- Hot Chell Ray
Got back to the hotel at 4 and crawled into bed!!

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