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The Allison Show: Good Bye TN, Hello San Diego!!

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Tuesday, January 24

Good Bye TN, Hello San Diego!!

SO EXCITED!!!  I am headed out of TN and to CA for my birthday week vacation.  We are opening the shop from 8-12 pm and my flight leaves at 2:15pm.  I fly from Tri-Cities airport to Charlotte, NC.  Then I have a 3 hour layover and then fly to CALI!!!!

 My view as we get ready to leave TN!!

Made it to Charlotte.  You see my flight to San Diego?

San Diego lights by plane {got yelled at for taking this photo LOL}

Well I made it!!  SD BFF picked up both of us!!  Then she surprised me with dinner at Spaghetti Factory.  My parents, my sisters and their husbands were there too!!  We had so much fun.

CO BFF is on the left, me in the middle and SD BFF is on the right!!

My first Birthday ice cream!!

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