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Wednesday, January 25

Another surprise??!!

~~~~~ 1st Post ~~~~~

Well after dinner last night we headed to SD BFF's house and spent the night.  We stayed up til 2 talking and drinking.  Then we were supposed to have a reservation for breakfast {or so I thought} at 9am but SD BFF let us sleep til 930.  Then CO BFF and SD BFF told me the next surprise: We were headed to VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are staying there til my flight leaves 6am Saturday morning from the Vegas airport.  Awesome!!  Road trip!!  To make it even better SD BFF spent {literally} hours making a playlist {and burning them to CD's} of all the hits from 1982 to now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love it!!!

First stop on any road trip to Vegas from San Diego is the World's Largest Thermometer.

Then we had to check out the Alien Jerky store!!!
CO BFF and I posing with the aliens and their spaceship.

Don't tell Hubby but I may be in love...Or not.

Only 72 more miles!!!!  We are almost there.

So I don't know what the plans are for Vegas or where we are going to stay but then here is a clue..

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