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Tuesday, January 3

2011 Recap..

Here is the link to my 2011 resolution post.  I didn't make most of the resolutions but I have an excuse!!  LOL

~ I wanted to complete a 365 photo project.  While I didn't do it, I was very good about taking pictures!!  This year, 2012,  I am participating in MCP's 12 month project.  Each month, they will post a theme and you can submit up to 4 photos per theme.  January's theme is resolution so instead of listing my resolutions for you, I am doing it in pictures.  I will do a resolution post each week in January.

~ My shop is a HUGE success!! I didn't save $11,000 to buy a range hood but we didn't need it!!  And we are deciding how we want to expand.  We are thinking a mobile cupcake truck that delivers to the local university and Christian College.  We also started making our own bread and soups from scratch and selling soup and sandwiches for lunch!!  We are also thinking of opening our own restaurant {separate from The Crazy Cupcake}. 

~ I want to graduate with my BA in English!!   This is also not going to happen.  I was so busy working that I couldn't juggle work, kids, the shop and school.  But I am ok with this.  I know that once everything settles I will be ready and able to finish.

~ Finally lose the 25-30 pounds of "baby weight".  This also didn't happen.  Not only didn't I lose this weight, I gained about 10 pounds from all the fast food we ate since we were so busy with the shop.  But this is still what I want.  I want to lose about 20 pounds and just be healthier in all aspects of life.  I am starting a Couch to 5k program and plan to run a 5k the end of March.  To help with planning dinners and shopping, I joined E-Mealz.  It was $46.40 for all of 2012.  Each week you print out a menu and a shopping list.  This way dinner is planned, we can buy all the necessary ingredients in advance and no more fast food!!! Plus they have a variety of different ingredients so we can try new things and make dinner less boring.

~ Get Mason potty trained.  He just turned 2 and a half, but he isn't ready.  We tried and he will pee on the potty but only sometimes.  I figure in the next couple weeks he should be good!  Watch for my potty training tips post shortly.

~ 30th Birthday in Vegas.  This isn't going to happen either.  Our van {which is 20 months old to us} blew it's motor.  To replace the motor is would be at least $4500.  Not gonna happen since we only paid $4000 for it 20 months ago.  So we are new {to us} car shopping.  Also Hubby's sister is getting married March 10 and my sister is due with her first baby around the same time and we are expected in CA.  So it would be tough to spend money to travel and close the shop to do both.  So we decided to stay here for my birthday.  But my BFF is coming here to visit!!!!!!!!!!!

~1000 followers on GFC, FB and Twitter.  Nope.  LOL  But I didn't try.  I was so busy with the shop that I only blogged about 38 times in all of 2011.  While in 2010 I posted 224 posts!!! So that is a goal for me to blog at least once a week this year!! The more I blog, the more people read, the more followers I get.. You get the idea!!  I also decided to change the name of my blog and how/what I write about!!

All in all, 2011 was a pretty awesome year!!  I plan on making 2012 an even better one!!!!!!


Blogger shayolivo said...

Well I would say you had a pretty damn successful year! It has been amazing watching you guys grow your business and how much everyone loves your cupcakes! This is going to be another awesome year for you (except for the damn van, geez, can't catch a break). I love you!!

January 10, 2012 at 3:46 PM  
Blogger shayolivo said...

Clearly I love you TONS (and I need to not post from my phone.... LMAO)

January 10, 2012 at 3:51 PM  
Blogger Me said...

LOL I deleted them for you!! Thanks!! Love you too.

January 12, 2012 at 12:34 PM  

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