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The Allison Show: Good Bye 2010, Hello 201 1

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Sunday, January 2

Good Bye 2010, Hello 201 1

On this second day of the new year, I decided that I wanted to write down my resolutions and goals and plans for 2011. Normally I am not that into resolutions or writing my plans and goals but this year I have so much that I want to accomplish and I have a set deadline in sight.  I turn 30 on Jan 31, 2012.  In just over a year!!  I have a kind of mindset about where I should be and what I should have accomplished by this HUGE (in significance) age. So I want to make sure that I am exactly where I want to be (in life and physically) when I celebrate the big 3-0.
{In no particular order}

~~ Start (and almost more importantly complete) a 365 photo project.  I decided that since we are opening The Crazy Cupcake in Jan 2011, I would concentrate my 365 project on cupcakes.  But then {on second thought} when I think ahead to say tomorrow and the knowledge that I probably won't make any cupcakes, I realize that I will be able to get creative with my project.  Maybe I could shoot baking supplies, the shop, empty cupcake liners, etc.  You can check out my project at

~~ Make my shop a HUGE success!! This one is less a resolution and more of a business plan but I want to write it down anyway.  By July, I want to have the $11,000 to invest in a range hood/ fire suppression system so we can buy a range.  By Dec, I want to at least be in the beginning stages of opening a second location.

~~ I want to graduate with my BA in English!!  I am 7-10 classes away from that degree and I couldn't be more excited!!  This is one of the major goals I want done by my 30th birthday.

~~ Finally lose the 25-30 pounds of "baby weight" that I have had for the last 10 years.  I am going to make a plan so that I can accomplish this.  I am going to keep track of what I eat a day with the intent of  eating1600 calories a day.  I want to work out 5-6 days a week.  I will either do the Wii Fit or take at least a 35 minute walk.

~~ Get Mason potty trained so that for the first time in 10 years {well except for about 5 months when I was pregnant with Jacob} I will have 0 ~ZERO~ NO kids in diapers!!!!  WooHoo!!!!

~~ I want to make concrete plans and start saving so that Hubby and I {and all my friends/ relatives} can go to Vegas for a few days for my 30th birthday.   I'm already working on getting my mom to watch the kids while we are gone.  I have told my BF and she is in. So I just need to start saving (I could use the money previously used to buy diapers!!) and make plans about where I want to stay and when exactly we are going to go.

~~ For this blog I would like to get 1000 followers on GFC, Facebook, and Twitter.  Right now I have:
GFC: 653
Facebook: 427
Twitter: 512

My super goal would be to get to 1200.  I am going to do this by taking part in giveaway events like Hand Made with Love in Feb and also doing BlogFest again.  I am also going to start posting giveaways on more sites so that I get my name out there and move up from a Google Page Rank of 1 to a 2 (at least).  I also want to get my average monthly page views up to 3000 a month.

That's about all I can think of but I will keep you updated as 2011 progresses!!  What are some of your resolutions?? (Or leave me a link to a similar post you wrote!!)  Thanks for the great 2010 and thanks in advanced to an even greater 2011!!!!!!!


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