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The Allison Show: Eden Fantasys Review (ADULTS ONLY!!)

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Sunday, August 15

Eden Fantasys Review (ADULTS ONLY!!)

****This Eden Fantasys Review is intended for adults 18 and over.****

How cute is this??  This is the Sexy Pinstripe Chemise Set.  So in the course of doing this review I learned some important things about myself, my body image, and the #1 rule of lingerie wearing.  But first more about the outfit.  The chemise and panty are made out of stretchy microfiber material with lace accents.  The back is slit open and the matching panty have pink lace ruffles on them.

So the night I decided to "test" out this really cute chemise set, I waited til Hubby was upstairs checking on the kids (who were all asleep) and put on this set.  I walked into the bathroom and PROMPTLY walked back into my room and  took it off.   Why you ask?  I am a realist and didn't expect to come walking out of the bathroom looking like the model in the picture.  But I did expect to look a little better than I did. Now I am not that fat (I'm 5'6 and 156 lbs) but I have had 5 kids and all 20 lbs of baby weight is chilling right on my stomach.  So I didn't want to wear this tight chemise. 

When I took it off, I left it laying on our bedroom floor.  When Hubby came downstairs, he asked why it was on the floor (it had been hanging in the closet).  I made some weird non-committal noise. Hubby didn't believe that I hadn't had anything to do with it ending up on the floor so he asked me again.  So finally I confessed that I tried it on but didn't like it.  To which Hubby replied "BUT its not for you, its for me."  So long story short (LOL) I ended up putting it back on.  So what have we learned from this escapade?

#1- Never try on lingerie without your man around.  It much better (and more fun) for your self esteem if you wear it with him in the room.
#2- He doesn't notice the extra 20 lbs of baby fat (especially if it is in lingerie or naked!)
 #3- After wearing it for a while, I realized that (post coital) I looked a lot better than I had originally thought!!

Now to the review part.  The chemise is SUPER tight.  I had a really hard time getting it pulled down over my boobs.  But once on, it fit well.  If you look in the first picture, there is a line of lace across the boobs.  That lace is directly over your nipples.  The inside is rough and if worn for longer than 10 minutes, it would probably get really irritating.  The panties are weirdly too big and too small. They kind of bunched up in the back, but seemed too small width wise.  I know they are supposed to be revealing but they didn' fit right.  Hubby really like it though.  In fact he washed it the other day (He THREW it in the washing machine and in the dryer!) and then told me to wear just the chemise while I made dinner.  Right.  I bet the kids would love that ;)  Surprisingly, it held up amazing to the washing/drying.  It looks great and still fits the way it did the first time I wore it.  I give it 4 stars since Hubby really liked it but it did have some issues which kept it from getting 5 stars.  

I love Eden Fantasys!!  It is the only site I go to for lingerie, sex toys, books, and DVDs.  I love that their site is not too in your face.   I also love that my packages are discreet and doesn't advertise to the neighbors, mail lady, and the kids what is in the package.  They have a magazine called SexIs.  My favorite column is written by The Blogess and she is HILARIOUS!!!  Check it out.  You will not be disappointed.  Eden Fantasys is perfect for Moms who still want to be sexy!!

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at


Blogger alicia said...

Too funny. And that outfit is super fun.

August 28, 2010 at 11:10 PM  
Blogger Kyle said...

Great review! Interesting read and well written. I like the classic look of the piece. In my opinion it looks like a fun yet "serious" look.


August 30, 2010 at 12:30 PM  

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