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Book Review: Escapades of Romanitcally Challenged Me by Maya Jax

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The Allison Show: Book Review: Escapades of Romanitcally Challenged Me by Maya Jax

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Tuesday, August 17

Book Review: Escapades of Romanitcally Challenged Me by Maya Jax

Title: Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me
Author: Maya Jax
Publisher: Lipstick Ninja Press
Published: Feb 11, 2010

Summary: "Lelaina Zane, aspiring screenwriter and dating disaster, is busy impersonating a superhero to gain the attention of a Hollywood agent when she finds out that her dad had a heart attack. Leaving LA for the first time in three years, she returns home to be with her family. And now that she's back, her parents want her to stay and join the family law firm. After three years of unsuccessfully trying to 'make it' in Hollywood, she thinks they might be right. But soon after settling into her new life, Hollywood calls with a potential offer. Lelaina has to decide if she'll stay for her ailing father and the promise of a successful life, or return to LA to pursue what she's always wanted. Torn between her two choices, the decision becomes even harder when her cheating ex -- her first love, first kiss and first... you know -- reappears with apologies and a proposition."

3 words for you: Laugh Out Loud.  Thats what you will do when you read this book.  I was surprised at how many times I was LOL.  To the point that Hubby asked "That book is really that funny?"  (What does he know?  Lame boy who doesn't read).  The book opens with Lelaina dressed like CatWoman and hanging out outside of Starbucks waiting for an agent to come out so she can show him her script.  She manages to get her tail (Yeah she knows that CatWoman didn't have a tail but she thinks it is a cute accessory.) stuck in a newspaper vending machine (Oh the number of times I have gotten my tail stuck in a vending machine...).  She then proceeds to knock over the machine and it lands on her.  How could you not love a book with a beginning like that??

The rest is just as funny as the beginning.  She has to return home when her Dad has a heart attack and guess who is jumping at the chance to re-connect with her?  Yep the EX Boyfriend!!!  OK here is some dating 101.  If you dump him once (for a good reason...CHEATING) NEVER take him back. Once a cheater always a cheater.  Unfortunately, Lelaina doesn't know this.  I don't want to spoil any surprises so you'll just have to buy a copy of the book and find out for yourself what happens!  I highly recommend this book.  It is the perfect summer (it's not over yet.  Not til Labor Day!!) read.  Rating: Photobucket


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