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Boohaha. Its that time of year again.

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The Allison Show: Boohaha. Its that time of year again.

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Friday, August 27

Boohaha. Its that time of year again.

Every time we are at the store lately, all the kids want to look at is Halloween Costumes!!!  How can it be Halloween already?  Wasn't it just Summer break? Time is FLYING by!!! I was so excited to be able to do a review from an AMAZING online costume site Costume Super Center!!  They have costumes and accessories for babies, kids, teens, and adults along with make up and everything you need to make Halloween perfect!

I tried to let the kids pick but they were out of control (big surprise huh?) They wanted costumes that we have in a closet (that's one good thing about 5 kids, we have TONS of costumes already.  And most are ready to be handed down.)  or they wanted age inappropriate costumes. (Kayla is way to young to be a pirate hooker girl.)  So after much discussion (and tears and whining) we decided that Dad needed a new costume to scare the kids with.  So after much thought by Dad, he decided on the Mens Chain Gang Mask and Costume.

How awesome is this costume?? It includes everything you see. The mask, the shirt, and the shackles.  All you need to supply is the black jeans (or Dickie's) and some work boots.

Hubby out it on downstairs and then came up to show the kids.  Even though they knew he was coming up, it still scared them.  Jake and Cody cried until he took the mask off.  They both now love it but only if they see Hubby put it on, he can't just show up in a mask. (besides that is mean and parents aren't supposed to be mean right?  LOL)

It fits great.  Hubby is 5'6 but wears a large shirt.  This costume shirt would fit a person larger then him, but not look too big on someone that is smaller.  The mask is comfortable to wear and breathe in.  The only problem is the eye holes are small and Hubby could see almost nothing through them. But he was able to cut them larger and did no damage (or noticeable editing to the mask).  The Costume Super Center has awesome customer service and they offer free exchanges!! Their costumes are reasonably priced and well made.  They are costumes that can be handed down with ease! Check out the site and leave me a comment with your favorite costume!!

*** Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review.***


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