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Wednesday, July 21

Legoland, Here we come!!

Wow!!  We have been to Legoland back in 2006 or so and I didn't realize at the time how fun it is.  I think the problem last time was tha kids under 48" (sometimes 42") have to ride every ride with an adult.  Last time we went it was me, Hubby, 3 oldest kids, my friend Shay and her 2 kids.  So adults were out numbered 3 to 5.  We had to ride the rides multiple times and leave some of the kids waiting (which they LOVED- NOT!!). But this time was a lot better.

It was me, hubby, 4 oldest kids, Nana and Papa, Sis-In-Law and future Bro-In-Law, and their daughter.  So it was 6 adults to 5 kids.  Plus they were all older.  Last time B was 5, Kay was 3 and Jake was a baby.  Cody was the youngest at almost 3.  the weather was perfect for a trip to the amusement park.  It was about 68' and a little overcast.  Not hot, not cold, and not raining!!  Legoland opens at 10 am.  So I left at 9 am ish to bring Mason to my sister, who was nice enough to watch him for us.  We got home at 10 am and that was when Papa (father-in-law) got home from work.  Perfect timing!! 

Since we had just spent the previous Thursday and Friday in the car ALL day long, I worried that the kids might not want to sit in the car for another hour plus trip so I brought some learning toys, like the Leapster, and some books to entertain the kids during the ride.  I shouldn't have bothered!! They were so excited about the trip they didn't play with anything.  And on the way home, they all passed out from sheer exhaustion.

We got to go on a ton of rides because it wasn't too busy!!  We went one the "teacups", the Pedal Coaster, 2 roller coasters, a water ride, the Safari ride, the little boys got to drive their own go-carts (earning them their own drivers licenses), an airplane ride, and a ride where you get to shot guns at targets.   We probably went on more but I can't remeber!  We had lunch at a nice little deli place and then went to the Aquarium.  The kids love the fish and sharks and that they got to touch the tide pool animals.  Apparently they don't remember when I worked at SeaWorld and they did stuff like that almost every weekend.  LOL

What an awesome day!!!  I love and miss San Diego, CA!!!!

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