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Thursday, July 29

Hair, Beach, Hair

This morning Hubby and I took the boys to La Jolla shores to walk around and take pictures.  Mom-in-law and Sis-in-law took Kayla with them to run errands.  We were on our way to the beach when they text me asking if Kayla can cut her hair.  She has super long hair that is almost to her waist.  She had her hair trimmed once but that was it.  She wanted to donate 10" of her hair to Locks of Love.  We said ok as long as the 10" wasn't higher than her shoulder blades.  It wasn't and she looks so cute with short hair!!

She is so excited!!  She keeps walking around with a goofy smile on her face!  LOL

While she was doing that, we were having a great time at the beach.  San Diego has been having some really weird weather this year and even though it is July they are still having June gloom.  It was 68' and overcast and nasty looking at the beach.  We walked out on the pier and saw some seals swimming and playing in the surf.  Then we walked a little farther and climbed down some stairs that took us to the water.  Mason and Cody played in the sand but my other 3 boys were running in the waves and got wet!  We hadn't planned on them getting wet so we made them sit in the car in their underwear!  Ha Ha.  I can't believe how much of a kid Hubby is!  He was soaked right along with the other 2.

I love this picture since I managed to get all 5 of them in it at once!!  I took it on my cell phone.  After that we all met up at home for lunch and a nap!!  My sister Jessica (who has 2 boys the same age as Jake and Cody) called and asked if we wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with them and my dad tomorrow night.  We said sure.

But first... My Mom-in-law had been saying all vacation that she would trim my hair and dye it for me so we decided to do that while the kids napped.  But when she brushed my haie hair out she wondered if I had enough hair to donate.  (I have wanted to do it forever but my hair is usually too short) so we measured and I had 10" to donate.  It would make my hair pretty short- in fact the shortest it had ever been but I had to do it!!
 I love it!!!  My hair curls under around my jaw and I now have side bangs!!  Love it!!  Iam still getting used to how short it is but I am soo glad I chopped it off and for a good cause too!!

I wish my Mom-in-Law had gotten a picture of Mason though while we were there.  He was playing with these super cute wooden toys!  They were just the right size for him to carry around and he loved them.  I will have to see about getting him some for Christmas!

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