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Tuesday, July 20

Balboa Park and Museums

San Diego has some great museums, most of which are located in Balboa Park, and one of the greatest thing about them is that they are free on Tuesdays!!  I really miss going to free museum Tuesdays now that we are in TN.   Today's free museums were the History of Man and the Art Museums.  (Wish we were here last week when the Photographic Art museum was free!)  Hubby's mom took this whole week off so she is came with us.  My dad, sister & her fiance, and their 2 kids met us down there as well.  WOW!!!  I forgot why we don't do free stuff in the summer.  No one is in school and there is way too many tourists.  (Yes I get the irony that I am technically a tourist but never mind that).  We had the hardest time finding parking.  But since I didn't used to be a tourist, we know the secret parking spots and went down there to park.  It has been about a year maybe a year 1/2 since I have been to   Balboa Park and have times changed. 

Balboa Park is really large and like other large parks (Golden Gate park in San Fran and Central Park in NYC) they is a large homeless population that calls the park home.  They used to hang tarps in trees and make makeshift tents that way.  You would barely see the places where the homeless lived but now HOLY COW!!  These homeless have set up homes with camping equipment.  They have real tents, sleeping bags, one guy even had a camping stove!!  I was amazed.  But at the same time so sad.  I can't imagine having to live like that and I wonder why no has done more for the homeless population of San Diego.

The kids had lots of fun looking at the paintings and sculptures at the Art Museum.  They love the Walk Through Time at the Museum of Man.  They have life size replicas of "Man" though out time.  Such as CroMagnon and Neanderthal Man.  I really love anthropology so this is one of my favorite museums.  Then we went outside and the kids got to dig for fossils.  Nothing like using a paintbrush to move sand around in a sandbox!!  LOL  At least it kept the kids busy for 20 minutes.  After the museums, Papa came to pick up Nana and the rest of us got lunch and headed to a park to let the kids play.  We got the kids Happy Meals at Burger King because we needed Legoland coupons for our visit tomorrow.  Then us adults went to IN-AND-OUT!!!  YUM!  The best burgers!! The kids passed out in the car on the way home from the park!  4 days into vacation and we are having an AMAZING time!!

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