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Overall Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow Review

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The Allison Show: Overall Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow Review

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Thursday, April 15

Overall Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow Review

I have always wanted to try mineral makeup, so I jumped at the chance to try Overall Beauty Mineral Makeup.  I received a four pack of eyeshadows in summer wheat, sunny,  autumn, and rose.  Autumn and summer wheat are really pretty browns that look great alone or with other shadows.  I like to layer sunny, which is a sparkly gold color, over the summer wheat.  I use the sunny as a sparkly color over all the colors actually.  The rose is a pinky color but not super pink.  It is a subtle color. 

Another really cool thing is if you are timid about trying them, you can buy a sample jar which is only $1.50.  Is that a steal or what?  Plus you can try tons of colors and then when you find your favorites, buy the larger sizes.

They also sell: hair care, bath and body, products for men, and skin care.  You could spend all day browsing their website (I don't recommend it cause it makes the hubby mad).  But you should go check them out the next time you need cosmetics!! 

And to give you even more incentives to go shopping, Here is a coupon!!  For the next 2 weeks, if you spend over $20 at Overall you get $2 off by entering the code KIDS2009 at checkout!  And you always get free shipping if you spend $50 or more. 

**Disclosure: I received this product for free inexchange for my review and honest opinion.**


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