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The Allison Show: Lunchbox Love Notes Review

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Monday, April 19

Lunchbox Love Notes Review

" Positive words can change someone's day, a life, and eventually the world."  One of my first memories is being in kindergarten and everyday when I would open my lunch, their would be a cute note from my mom.  Not only was it sentimental but it helped me with my reading skills. 

Now 23 years later, I am the one packing lunches and (sometimes) putting notes in for the kids to find.  Imagine my thrill when I discovered Lunchbox Love Notes!!  They are little cards that on one side say things like "I know you are working hard" or "I will always love you no matter what" and on the other side they have interesting facts (they remind me of the Snapple facts on the inside of their lids) such as "Almonds are members of the peach family" and "Wrigley Field did not have lights until 1988".

I received them at the perfect time.  My kids were about to start TCAP, which is TN's yearly standarized tests, and their were mildly stressed about it.  I put notes that said stuff like I know you are working hard and Try your best.  Then when I picked them up from school I would ask them what they learned, from the back side of the card.  They love it!!!!  They love the random facts and they collect the different cards.

They also make love notes for girlfriends, co workers, and people we admire.  I think that since I am across the country from most of my friends, I am going to get the girlfriends ones and randomly send them to my friends. They would also make interesting cards to accompany gifts or get well packages.  They have inspirational quotes on  the back and friendship love on the front. These are a great way to remind our friends why we love them and to inspire and reassure them.

Go check out there website and buy some and start speading the love to everyone you know!!

**Disclosure: I received this product for free inexchange for my review and honest opinion.**


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