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Monday, January 9

Monday Mailbag

Every Monday on our local radio station they have their "Monday Mailbag."  Crazy people who don't have a clue write in with mind-numbingly inane questions like "When my Husband and I go anywhere with his mother, I have to let her ride shot gun and climb my fat ass in the back.  My husband doesn't seem to notice that this upsets me and I have never told him straight out.  What should I do?? Divorce him?"  And while I have paraphrased this letter, it was an actual one.

Well this week's letter was a doozy and made me think WTF is wrong with people????? Seriously!!!

I call it "Reasons to never buy your spouse a pet or you will end up divorced and bitter"

A woman wrote in complaining that her husband was jealous of her relationship with their dog.  Her husband bought her the dog as a gift and now wants her to get rid of the dog.  Apparently the dog won't let the husband anywhere near his wife. And then when they (attempt) to have sex the dog sits there growling at the husband the entire time.   She said the dog was great and her husband was just JEALOUS!!!  And she would rather leave her husband than get rid of the dog.

Now I don't know what kind of dog it was but it sounds like Cujo.  I don't think the husband is jealous of his wife's relationship with the dog, he probably fears that she will kill him in his sleep and let the dog eat his corpse.  She sounds like one of those crazy, hoarding, cat loving,  women - only with a dog instead of a cat.

He is also probably embarrassed that if  they do get divorced, he will have to tell people that his wife left him for a dog, literally!!!

People wonder why the divorce rate is so high.. Ugh because dumb people would rather divorce than train their dog. No one talks to their spouse, no one cares about their spouses feelings and desires.   People would rather divorce than work at their marriage.

I have been married 11 years {and while I am no marital expert} I think we are HAPPILY married because we both work at our marriage.  We are kind and courteous to each other.  We take each other's  feelings into consideration before we act.  We trade off on kids, work, chores, so neither of us feels that we are the one doing all the work.

I never say "I'm fine" when in reality I am contemplating stabbing my husband while he sleeps.  I tell him when he makes me mad and when I think he is acting like a douche.  And we say our piece and that's it.  We don't really fight, we talk about what's wrong and try to fix it.  Some stuff can't be fixed or changed but after talking I always feel better and that's all that counts. 

We are not perfect but at least we make an effort to be the best couple we can.  People make an effort in your marriage!!!!  Don't put dogs, or mother-in-laws in front of your spouse. WTF!!???!


Blogger SaraJane said...

The worst part is whenone person IS working on it as hard as they can...those are the saddest cases in my opinion. I look at these people and think "Can you not see how much your husband/wife loves you? Doesn't that mean anything?" And sometimes it doesn't...

January 12, 2012 at 5:08 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

Yep. That is the worse. If they are dumb enough to walk away you have to be smart enough to let them go... ::Tear::

January 31, 2012 at 4:17 PM  

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