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The Allison Show: Adult BFF's Pt 1

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Thursday, January 12

Adult BFF's Pt 1

We all remember when we were 12 and would write notes or sign each other's yearbooks proclaiming that we were BFF's ~ you know Best Friends FOREVER.  Did anybody actually remain that way?

I didn't.  My BFF from 3rd- to 8th grade is now a Facebook friend.  In fact a pretty good one.  We chat and talk about each other's kids {or kid in her case} but I don't have her address, or cell number.  But I have remained friends with 2 BFF's: Colorado BFF, I have known since Freshman year of high school {15 years} and San Diego BFF I have known since Sophomore year of high school {so 14 years}.  I guess if they are SD BFF and CO BFF, that would make me TN BFF. Or not...How about Awesome BFF? Or even Cupcake BFF.  {Make a note girls when referencing me online and you want to protect my anonymity use Cupcake BFF.}  

You may think that since we have been friends for so long it has always been smooth sailing.  Not so much.  As tri-BFFs (you say pair of something but what is the word for 3 of somethings??) we have had our ups and downs.  As is the case with me and my 2 sisters, it seems that for a while 2 of us would be closer and the 3rd would be off alone somewhere.  But since currently all 3 of us are spread across the country this no longer applies.  I also think we needed to all grow up so that we moved past the bitter, competitive stages and learned to embrace our friendship.

We have though always been there when 1 of us needed the other 2.  It's like my post the other day about marriage: being friends is work and lots of communication.  In the past we would get lazy or upset and instead of talking about it, we would distance ourselves, {on a couple of occasions for a year or more} only to come back and realize how empty a place is in our heart without the other BFF.

One of my "resolutions" this year is to be a better friend.  I want to talk to my BFF's weekly.  Even when I am busy, even when I am sick or tired.  You never know when someone may need that call.  I also LOVE snail mail and plan to send cards at least once a month.   {hmm let's disregard the fact that I still haven't printed pictures for, and mailed my Christmas cards....}

CO BFF is turning 30 in May and I hope to make it the BEST!!! day/weekend {whatever} ever.  2011 was a shitty year for her: she got divorced and moved from SD to CO.  She left her friends behind for her dysfunctional family.  I want her to see 2012 as a new beginning not as the end.   SQUASHY!!


Blogger shayolivo said...

Count me in for planning CO BFF's birthday too!!!!! She's got the hints for mine too, haha. SD BFF, out!

January 13, 2012 at 11:49 AM  

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