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The Allison Show: June 2012

The Allison Show

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Tuesday, June 19

So there!!

Well I just got my email and I made it into the Little City Roller Girls- Fresh Meat Boot Camp!!  I'll have practice Sun from 11-2pm and Monday from 6:30-8:30pm.  Plus I am HIGHLY recommended to go to open skate Tues and Thursday nights.  But we'll see.  LOL. I think this will be the push I need to get in shape once and for all.!!  Bye baby weight.


Monday, June 18

Oh Sh*t..

So now that try-outs are tonight, I am kinda scared.  LOL  I practiced on a pair of roller blades that Blake got at Goodwill for $1 a year ago and I can skate fine... BUT can I really do this? I am sooo not in shape. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Editted after try-outs

Well it was pretty good.   There was 6-7 girls there trying out.  2 were awesome {probably did derby before}, 1 skated pretty good, me, and the rest couldn't really skate {ie didn't know how to glide etc} so I am fairly sure I will make the boot camp.  But who knows? LOL


Friday, June 15

Roller Derby

I saw on Facebook that our local roller derby team is holding tryouts on Monday.  They just want to see you skate a few laps and then they teach you a fall.  if you "pass" you make it in their Boot Camp program.  Then in 3-4 months when you pass Boot Camp, you get on the actual roller derby team!!  How fun.  Plus it sounds like the perfect way to get in shape and lose baby weight.

Well I told Hubby and my Dad and they both said:
A- You'll die.
B- You don't  know how to skate
C- You are a wuss
D- You are not in shape.  At all
E- You haven't been on skates in years. Like 12+ years and then it was roller blades.

So while these are mostly true statements, nothing makes me want to do something more than by having people tell me I can't.  So I am going to try out. Thanks for the support Guys!!