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The Allison Show: April 2012

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Thursday, April 26

Book Review: A Secret Wish

Title: A Secret Wish
Author: Barbara Freethy

Description: Three women, three birthdays and one unforgettable night that will change their lives forever. One night in San Francisco, three women make a birthday wish believing it can't possibly come true.  Three women, three birthdays and a night of events that connects them in unexpected ways ...

I absolutely loved this book!!  As a woman who just turned the big 3-0, I really connected to all main characters, who are all turning a milestone birthday on the same day.  

Liz is turning thirty. She is a nurse but is lacking in the love department.  She is not a risk taker and because of that keeps settling for jerky, "safe" boyfriends.  Will she ever have that crazy, amazing love?

Angela is turning 35 and wants a baby.  But after failed attempts at in-vetro, will she have to give up her dream of being a mom?

Carole is turning 40 and realizes that even though she appears to have it all she is deeply unhappy.  She is a wife to a politician, has tons of money, and two kids.  But her life is lacking so she she goes back to her roots to find out how she got so lost.

All 3 women, separately, decide to make a crazy, unrealistic wish.  They rest of the book is the journey these women go on and how they all manage to get their wish.

This is a great short novel, to remind us all that if we are unhappy, we are the only ones who can change it.  We must not be content to watch our life go by, we need to be living it.  This book c ame out in Jan 2012 and book 2 in the wish series is called Just a Wish Away and comes out this spring.


Tuesday, April 24

The "Mommy" Wars

  It seems like the last month or so, all I "hear" about online is "Mommy" Wars. * Breastfeeders VS. Bottle Feeders.   *SAHM VS Working Moms.  *"Veteran" Moms VS New Moms.  *Cloth Diapering VS Disposables.  *Moms VS Women who choose to not Procreate.  When did parenting become a sport?  It has even  boiled over into Women VS Women.  Can't we all just get along?  Why do we as women feel the need to not only belittle each other but see it as socially acceptable?

I was reading The Bloggess the other day and saw that she had been on CNN, to talk about the Hillary Rosen/Ann Romney dispute.  Which I actually think it is kind of funny.  If you haven't heard {cause who has time to watch the news when you have kids?} Mitt Romney has been saying "well my wife thinks this is economically important to woman or my wife says this about the economy..."  To which Hilary Rosen said "What does Ann Romney know about the economy? She has never worked a day in her life"  Now being a SAHM is a lot of work so Hilary never should have said that but my thought is really what do any politicians know about us Americans? MOST come from old money, and have never worked a real job {I'm talking McDonald's here not working as a Senator.. Just saying}  When have they ever had to worry about making ends meet? But I digress.  WOMEN STOP BASHING EACH OTHER TO MAKE YOUR HUSBANDS LOOK BETTER!!!!

I see all these posts about "Tips for First Time Moms"  and "What to expect After the Hospital" and guess what they are all a load of BS!!  Here is the only thing first time Moms need to know: Do whatever works for you!   And don't feel guilty if your original plan doesn't work.  Breast feed if that works if not use formula and bottles.  My first 3 kids were bottle fed, my last 2 were breastfed 10 months and 2+ years.  Which was better? Depends.  There are pros and cons to both.  Breastfeeding can be extremely painful for the first few months but it is so nice to be able to roll over and feed the baby instead of getting up and making a bottle.  But it is a pain to pump and have bottles if you want to go out without the baby.

It is also important to remember that what works for 1 child may not work for the others.  Blake hardly ever slept if he could hear adults up and awake.  Kayla could sleep through anything and even napped in her room.  The 2 little boys nap in the living room and all but Mason sleep in their room.  Mason at almost 3 still sleeps at least part of the night in my bed. But I don't mind because he is cuddly and I know that soon enough he will be big and not want to sleep with us.

I have been a SAHM and I have been a working Mom and I am currently a Working with Children at the Shop MOM {yeah it's real fun}.  If I had plenty of money and could do whatever I wanted, I would be a SAHM.  Mostly cause I don't have to wear pants, well real pants, I still wear yoga pants at home.  It is hard work, but it is still easier than leaving your kids, working and then coming home at night to parent.  But for some people that is the perfect mix of adult interaction and then being with their kids at night.

I think we as women need to stop judging others and let everyone have the same privileges we expect: to make our own choices.  We have all made mistakes so instead of complaining about the single mom with kids who are in front of you in line at Walmart having meltdowns, maybe offer assistance or even a kind word.  Life isn't a war and contrary to popular belief, we are all on the same side.  Life isn't about doing things the "right" way but about doing them the way that works best for you. And remember at the end of the day, if you have healthy happy kids, and a great relationship with your spouse, then nothing else matters. ♥ Love Wins ♥

Friday, April 13

Fast Facts Friday #15

1.  What was your first car?  A '95, Hunter Green Ford Taurus.  HORRIBLE!!
2.  Who was your first crush?   I guess a boy named James in 6th grade.
3.  Where was your first apartment away from your parents?  I moved in with a friend my senior year of high school.
4.  Where was your first airplane flight to?  I flew back to San Diego from Sacramento.
5.  What was the first school you attended?  I started kindergarten at La Mesa Dale. 


Sunday, April 8

4 out of 5 isn't bad... Right??

I have successfully potty trained 4 kids.  WHY does #5 have to be the deal breaker? I have tried all the usual tricks and nothing is working.  He wants to wear underwear but then pees (mostly poops) in them. 

We have tried:
 ~buying his favorite character underwear
~sticker chart
~ Sitting on the potty every 15 minutes. {he will climb off and walk out of the bathroom to poop in his underwear}
~M&M's each time he at least tries (1), more for pee (3), even more for poop (5).
~getting a toy and he can't open it til he is accident free for 1 week

Did I miss anything??  Last week he was accident free  {day/night, nap time and going out} for 3 days and then poop in his underwear twice in 1 day.  Everyday for 3 days.  Finally I put him back in diapers.  He was mad and threw a fit but I can't deal with anymore poopy underwear. 

I guess when he is really ready he will just do it right?  No one has ever had a first grader wearing underwear right??  Right??  I would love some tips and tricks.  Maybe you know something that worked that I have missed.  Thanks!!!


Friday, April 6

Fast Facts Friday #14

1.  Where did you go on your favorite Spring Break?  Palm Springs, CA
2.  Who were you with?  My mom and 2 sisters
3.  What/where was your lamest Spring Break?  Started great but I ended up sunburning my eyes and couldn't open them for 3 days and was in excruciating pain.
4.  What was the craziest thing you did on a Spring Break?   Went snow skiing.
5.  What do you love about Spring Break?  It is warm and sunny but not yet hot and humid.


Tuesday, April 3

Kill for Coffee Giveaway!!

Ever have one of those days when you would kill for coffee? Well after taking two kids to get the oil changed and repair a recalled part {that was supposed to take maybe an hour and took 2 1/2} I would possibly killed the mechanic for a Starbucks coffee.  So why don't we do a giveaway??  I don't want anyone to feel the stress and consider homicide.  Here's what you'll win:

 A handmade fleece coffee cozy and a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks!!  Best part??  There will be 3 winners!!

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