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Tuesday, July 3

Well I survived my first 2 roller derby practices.  I am crazy sore but that is more from the fact that I don't and haven't worked out regularly in like 15 years.  Sunday's practice was fun.  We learned to fall on one knee and to glide on 1 knee.  We started to lean how to get comfortable on skates.  We did a bunch of side steps which is really hard to do in skates.  We also did TONS of squats which my thighs hate. I learned it is really hard to stand still on skates.  I can skate fine but just standing there my skates want to roll.

At the end of practice we were doing kicks.  Stand on 1 leg and kicking our other leg.  Since I am so wobbly, I was mostly just trying to stand still.  The girl next to me went to kick and her skate she was standing on slid back and she fell to the ground.  She ended up breaking her ankle and needing surgery.  YIKES!!  But that reminded the trainers to tell us to listen to ourselves and our bodies.  If we are sore or need a break take one.  And if we know that we can't do something, then it's probably a good idea to attempt it cautiously or try something a step down form that.

Monday's pratice was hard for a couple reasons
1.) I was sore from Sunday
2.) We did even more squats and planks!
3.) I have no muscles to speak of.

At least I know as I get in better shape practices will get easier!!



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