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Fast Fact #13

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The Allison Show: Fast Fact #13

The Allison Show

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Friday, March 30

Fast Fact #13

1.  What is your earliest memory? I was 5 and my sister was born
2.  What hair style did you wear when you about 10 years old?  Straight with bangs
3.  What was one of your favorite recess activities?  Being with friends.  Every couple weeks we would change what was cool.  One week it was dodgeball, next it was double dutch,  then it was handball..
4.  Who was your favorite teacher?  My favorite teacher was my AP Environmental Science teacher.  She was young and great with us high school girls.
5.  What was one of the funniest styles or outfits you sported as a kid?  leggings and sweater. 



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