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Thursday, February 9

That time of Year again...

No I don't mean Super Bowl {hideous by the way!!} or Valentine's Day {that post is coming later}but for me the beginning of Feb means one thing: TAX REFUNDS!!!!!! Woo Hoo.  So what is the first thing I do with my tax check {besides deposit it Duh!} Shopping!! 

These have plans have been swimming around in my head since October when my mom moved out.  We moved the 3 little boys downstairs and they share a HUGE room that is seriously about 400 square feet.  Blake and Kayla both have their own rooms upstairs.  Blake needs a bed, Kayla and little boys need furniture {end tables, tv stand, dressers...etc}

I headed over to the internet to start shopping {who shops in stores any more??} I decided to start my shopping at  You enter your search info and they search all the stores that sell products that match that description. Yay!! I found these super cute  off white distressed bedroom dressers  I think they would be perfect in Kayla's room.  But then my ADD kicked in and I started thinking about the kitchen.  I want to paint it a pale, sunshine-y yellow and how cute would that look with a oval dinning table white??

Then thanks to Pinterest {can you say addicted} I started thinking about re-doing our kitchen.  I would love to have a "formal" dining room where we could eat dinner at.  But in the kitchen we could have a huge bar and these gorgeous white counter stools with backs.     I figured since I hadn't even decided on a paint color I should go back to shopping for the kids. ;)

I found Blake a really cool loft bed.  It is as tall as bunk beds but instead of a bottom bunk this one comes with a desk.  Yay!!  Homework station.  More likely it will be Lego station but whateve.  I can live in my unreality if I want. Still haven't found the little boys a big dresser.  I want one that is light wood and has 8 drawers? Since all of their pants and shirts hang up, it will only be for undies, socks, and pajamas.  Let me know if you spot one.  Thanks!!


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