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The Allison Show: Fast Facts Friday #7

The Allison Show

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Friday, February 17

Fast Facts Friday #7

1. Do you collect anything?  Not really.  I have tons, and I mean TONS of books though.
2. What’s your favorite hobby?  Photography.  I tell people that is my next career after baking.
3. What is your style of organization?  Either sloppy mess or crazy OCD organized.  Depends on what it is and if I have the money/room/time to get stuff and keep stuff as organized as I would want.
4. If you didn’t have any limitations, what would you be passionate about?  I would love to be able to travel all over the world!!  Imagine the awesome pictures I would take and the people and places I would see!!
5. What hobby have you been thinking about trying, but haven't yet?  I want to learn to sew, I would love to have a clothing store maybe.  I also want to start making all natural soaps and scrubs.



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