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The Allison Show: January 2012

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Saturday, January 28

Good Bye Vegas!!

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You'd think leaving Vegas at 6am would be a quiet time at the airport but it wasn't.  I went to a kiosk to print my boarding pass but it told me I had an invalid number.  WTF??  So then I stood in 2 lines and finally got checked in.  Ran to my gate, waited about 20 minutes and then got to board.  Then sat on the plane for 35 minutes because there was too many bags in the back hold and some needed to be moved to the middle hold. 

Hello Colorado!!  Snow on the ground.

I was supposed to have a 62 min layover but since we left Vegas late, I missed my plane to Chicago.  But the awesome stewardess booked me a new flight from CO to Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Tri-Cities.  But now I have a 2 1/2 hour layover and a 3 hour layover in Charlotte.  Instead of getting home at 430pm, I got home at 845pm.  Lame but at least I made it!!!!!!!!!  Vacation was awesome but I was ready to be back.   Next is CO BFF's birthday in May!!!  What we will do to top Vegas???

Friday, January 27

Last Night in Vegas

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After resting for a while, we decided to head to Freemont Street which is a little older and more ghetto part of Vegas.

This was pre-drinking I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the casinos on Freemont Street were handing out Mardi Gras beads and I got a bunch thanks to my Birthday crown.

After we spent some time hanging out, we went back to our hotel and started making our own drinks!!

My special cup.

And with our special "concoctions"  LOL  It was Malibu rum {with real coconut flakes in it}, champagne, Watermelon pucker, and grenadine.   I kept forgetting about the coconut flakes and thought there was floaties in my drink.  LOL

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Fast Fact Friday #4

Have you ever been:
1.  Scuba diving?           No
2.  Bungee jumping?     No
3.  In a helicopter?        No
4.  Sky diving?               NOPE
5.  Cliff jumping?           No Way!!

I would like to go scuba diving and I would love to learn how to fly a helicopter but the rest are not for me!!! LOL

Last day in Sin City.

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After getting in at 4am, I was planning on sleeping in late but NO.  The rooms are very well soundproofed except by the room door.  So when anyone stands in the hallway it sounds like they are in your room.  And if anyone slams their door, it sounds like a gunshot.  So guess what the crazy drunk guys next door did?  They got up at 8, slammed their door and stood in the hallway talking.  So of course I was awake for the day.  Letting the girls sleep, I went down stairs and got Starbucks and McDonald's {breakfast of champions.  LOL}  After we ate we decided to check out some of the really pretty Chinese New Year decorations.

SD BFF and I.

Then we got these!!!!!!!!!!

Matching tattoos!!!  They have 3 stars, one in teal, pink, and purple. Then our initials SAS.  I kept trying to convince them to get our initials as ASS but no one was down.  LOL  They got theirs on their feet and I got mine on my right wrist. 

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Thursday, January 26


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We slept late and then when we were getting ready, I got another surprise!!!  We had spa appointments at 12!!!!!!!!  So excited.  We were all getting a 50 minute massage. This is seriously the best birthday ever!!!

My massage was amazing.  Afterward we went and had some lunch {pizza from a place in our hotel}and went souvenir shopping!! For $40 SD BFF bought a present for each of her kids {she has 2},a light up cup for herself,  I got a present for each of my 5 kids, Hubby got a shirt, and we bought a keychain for CO BFF.   Then we headed back upstairs for a little nap and rest.  Why did we need to rest?? Cause we are seeing Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love theater and this will be my second time seeing Phantom!

We got all dolled up and hit the theater!!

The chandelier is hanging down into the audience!!  Phantom was awesome!

After the show we got a late dinner and walked around the strip.

We ended up at a club around midnight and danced for a couple hours before heading back to the hotel. Then we decided to cruise the strip like the locals do. "Windows down, chilling with the radio on"- Hot Chell Ray
Got back to the hotel at 4 and crawled into bed!!

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Wednesday, January 25

Welcome to fab Las Vegas!!

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We made it!!!!!  We are staying at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. 

We dumped our stuff and went to walk around and check out the new Venetian hotel called the Palazzo.  Then we headed to dinner.

I love Benihana's!!!!  

Then to make dinner even better we shared a gallon of booze!!  Here is SD BFF.

 And CO BFF with the monster.  LOL

 And finally me.  I didn't like it much cause it had oj in it Oh well.  Plenty more drinks to come!!.

I got my second birthday ice cream for dessert!!

By now everyone was ready to hit the gorgeous bed and catch some shut eye!!

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Another surprise??!!

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Well after dinner last night we headed to SD BFF's house and spent the night.  We stayed up til 2 talking and drinking.  Then we were supposed to have a reservation for breakfast {or so I thought} at 9am but SD BFF let us sleep til 930.  Then CO BFF and SD BFF told me the next surprise: We were headed to VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are staying there til my flight leaves 6am Saturday morning from the Vegas airport.  Awesome!!  Road trip!!  To make it even better SD BFF spent {literally} hours making a playlist {and burning them to CD's} of all the hits from 1982 to now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love it!!!

First stop on any road trip to Vegas from San Diego is the World's Largest Thermometer.

Then we had to check out the Alien Jerky store!!!
CO BFF and I posing with the aliens and their spaceship.

Don't tell Hubby but I may be in love...Or not.

Only 72 more miles!!!!  We are almost there.

So I don't know what the plans are for Vegas or where we are going to stay but then here is a clue..

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Tuesday, January 24

Good Bye TN, Hello San Diego!!

SO EXCITED!!!  I am headed out of TN and to CA for my birthday week vacation.  We are opening the shop from 8-12 pm and my flight leaves at 2:15pm.  I fly from Tri-Cities airport to Charlotte, NC.  Then I have a 3 hour layover and then fly to CALI!!!!

 My view as we get ready to leave TN!!

Made it to Charlotte.  You see my flight to San Diego?

San Diego lights by plane {got yelled at for taking this photo LOL}

Well I made it!!  SD BFF picked up both of us!!  Then she surprised me with dinner at Spaghetti Factory.  My parents, my sisters and their husbands were there too!!  We had so much fun.

CO BFF is on the left, me in the middle and SD BFF is on the right!!

My first Birthday ice cream!!

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Friday, January 20

Fast Fact Friday #3

This week’s theme is: MOVIES

1.  What was the last movie you saw in the theater?    The Hangover 2
2.  What was the last movie you watched at home?    50/50
3.  Who is your favorite movie star?             Gerard Butler
4.  What movie can you watch over and over and never get sick of it?  The Hangover
5.  What movie will you never watch again?       Apollo 18

Friday, January 13

Fast Facts Friday #2

Food.  It’s always a good theme, right?
1.  How do you like your chocolate?   Any way...
2.  What dessert or treat can you never say “no” to?    Chocolate Mousse
3.  What is your favorite meal?          Italian Food- Chicken Marsala or Eggplant Parm
4.  Which food do you dislike the most?       Cucumbers
5.  What do you think the healthiest thing is in your pantry right now?    Whole Wheat Pasta

Thursday, January 12

Adult BFF's Pt 2

As a kid, I was the "loner" {I prefer "person busy reading"}.  In fact when friends would call my house and invite me over, I would pretend to ask and then tell them my parents said no.  But there was always that 1 kid, who upon calling the house would ask my Dad {who answered the phone} if I could come over.  He would say yes and then bring me the phone.  My friend would ask if I could come over and I would say "let me ask" then I would visualize walking downstairs, asking my Dad, who would say no, walking back upstairs, and then respond.  Well sneaky friend would then say "But I just asked your Dad and he said yes."  Thanks Dad!!  Now I look like a nerd. Well I just found out that CO BFF is that SNEAKY girl and I love her for it.

Since my birthday is in 19 days and she knows how much I really wanted to go to Las Vegas, she decided to plan me a birthday surprise.  She called me Tuesday and said that she was going to tell me what she came up with for my birthday plans.  She and SD BFF were buying me a plane ticket to San Diego!!!!!!!! She then told me to talk to Hubby and get back to her if that would work.

So I hang up and immediately think back to all the times I faked asking Dad to go somewhere. Not that I didn't want to go, but because I am unsure if Hubby can handle it without me. So I am thinking about her request and if/when I am going to talk to Hubby about it when, Hubby calls.  He asks if I recognize a number (619)XXX-XXXX.  Yeah it's CO BFF's number.

How could I have known her 15 years and not realize that she is the sneaky girl??   I figure she knows me so well that she had to hedge her bets and ask DJ herself.  Well Hubby and I get off the phone and he calls me a little while later.

"So CO BFF told you?"
"About what?"
"Your birthday surprise? I was just planning on driving you to the airport and then telling you as I kick you out of the car."
"YOU KNEW ABOUT IT??????????????????????"

So it turns out that CO BFF called Hubby at the shop a few weeks ago and talked to him about it. So she is EVEN more sneaky than I thought. But like I said she knows me too well.  SD BFF would never do this because she is also more of a "loner" like me.  In fact in the past, CO BFF and I have had to tag team her into leaving the house.  But thanks to both of them I am having the BEST vacay ever!!!!!!!!!

CO BFF is flying to San Diego, Cupcake BFF is flying to San Diego, and SD BFF is picking us up at the airport!!  5 days of awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait.  Thanks and LOVE you Guys!!!!!!!!

Adult BFF's Pt 1

We all remember when we were 12 and would write notes or sign each other's yearbooks proclaiming that we were BFF's ~ you know Best Friends FOREVER.  Did anybody actually remain that way?

I didn't.  My BFF from 3rd- to 8th grade is now a Facebook friend.  In fact a pretty good one.  We chat and talk about each other's kids {or kid in her case} but I don't have her address, or cell number.  But I have remained friends with 2 BFF's: Colorado BFF, I have known since Freshman year of high school {15 years} and San Diego BFF I have known since Sophomore year of high school {so 14 years}.  I guess if they are SD BFF and CO BFF, that would make me TN BFF. Or not...How about Awesome BFF? Or even Cupcake BFF.  {Make a note girls when referencing me online and you want to protect my anonymity use Cupcake BFF.}  

You may think that since we have been friends for so long it has always been smooth sailing.  Not so much.  As tri-BFFs (you say pair of something but what is the word for 3 of somethings??) we have had our ups and downs.  As is the case with me and my 2 sisters, it seems that for a while 2 of us would be closer and the 3rd would be off alone somewhere.  But since currently all 3 of us are spread across the country this no longer applies.  I also think we needed to all grow up so that we moved past the bitter, competitive stages and learned to embrace our friendship.

We have though always been there when 1 of us needed the other 2.  It's like my post the other day about marriage: being friends is work and lots of communication.  In the past we would get lazy or upset and instead of talking about it, we would distance ourselves, {on a couple of occasions for a year or more} only to come back and realize how empty a place is in our heart without the other BFF.

One of my "resolutions" this year is to be a better friend.  I want to talk to my BFF's weekly.  Even when I am busy, even when I am sick or tired.  You never know when someone may need that call.  I also LOVE snail mail and plan to send cards at least once a month.   {hmm let's disregard the fact that I still haven't printed pictures for, and mailed my Christmas cards....}

CO BFF is turning 30 in May and I hope to make it the BEST!!! day/weekend {whatever} ever.  2011 was a shitty year for her: she got divorced and moved from SD to CO.  She left her friends behind for her dysfunctional family.  I want her to see 2012 as a new beginning not as the end.   SQUASHY!!

Monday, January 9

Monday Mailbag

Every Monday on our local radio station they have their "Monday Mailbag."  Crazy people who don't have a clue write in with mind-numbingly inane questions like "When my Husband and I go anywhere with his mother, I have to let her ride shot gun and climb my fat ass in the back.  My husband doesn't seem to notice that this upsets me and I have never told him straight out.  What should I do?? Divorce him?"  And while I have paraphrased this letter, it was an actual one.

Well this week's letter was a doozy and made me think WTF is wrong with people????? Seriously!!!

I call it "Reasons to never buy your spouse a pet or you will end up divorced and bitter"

A woman wrote in complaining that her husband was jealous of her relationship with their dog.  Her husband bought her the dog as a gift and now wants her to get rid of the dog.  Apparently the dog won't let the husband anywhere near his wife. And then when they (attempt) to have sex the dog sits there growling at the husband the entire time.   She said the dog was great and her husband was just JEALOUS!!!  And she would rather leave her husband than get rid of the dog.

Now I don't know what kind of dog it was but it sounds like Cujo.  I don't think the husband is jealous of his wife's relationship with the dog, he probably fears that she will kill him in his sleep and let the dog eat his corpse.  She sounds like one of those crazy, hoarding, cat loving,  women - only with a dog instead of a cat.

He is also probably embarrassed that if  they do get divorced, he will have to tell people that his wife left him for a dog, literally!!!

People wonder why the divorce rate is so high.. Ugh because dumb people would rather divorce than train their dog. No one talks to their spouse, no one cares about their spouses feelings and desires.   People would rather divorce than work at their marriage.

I have been married 11 years {and while I am no marital expert} I think we are HAPPILY married because we both work at our marriage.  We are kind and courteous to each other.  We take each other's  feelings into consideration before we act.  We trade off on kids, work, chores, so neither of us feels that we are the one doing all the work.

I never say "I'm fine" when in reality I am contemplating stabbing my husband while he sleeps.  I tell him when he makes me mad and when I think he is acting like a douche.  And we say our piece and that's it.  We don't really fight, we talk about what's wrong and try to fix it.  Some stuff can't be fixed or changed but after talking I always feel better and that's all that counts. 

We are not perfect but at least we make an effort to be the best couple we can.  People make an effort in your marriage!!!!  Don't put dogs, or mother-in-laws in front of your spouse. WTF!!???!

Friday, January 6

Fast Fact Friday #1

1.  How long have you lived at your current residence?  We lived here from July 2005 until Dec 2005. Then we moved back in July 2009 and have been here ever since.

2.  What is the exact shade of your favorite color?     TEAL!!

3.  How much sleep do you get each night?     I need 8-9 but usually get 6.

4.  Have you ever been able to do the splits?      Nope.  I am not flexable at all.

5.  What is your favorite breakfast?            I love French toast, or biscuits and gravy.  But my everyday breakfast is yogurt.  

Tuesday, January 3

2011 Recap..

Here is the link to my 2011 resolution post.  I didn't make most of the resolutions but I have an excuse!!  LOL

~ I wanted to complete a 365 photo project.  While I didn't do it, I was very good about taking pictures!!  This year, 2012,  I am participating in MCP's 12 month project.  Each month, they will post a theme and you can submit up to 4 photos per theme.  January's theme is resolution so instead of listing my resolutions for you, I am doing it in pictures.  I will do a resolution post each week in January.

~ My shop is a HUGE success!! I didn't save $11,000 to buy a range hood but we didn't need it!!  And we are deciding how we want to expand.  We are thinking a mobile cupcake truck that delivers to the local university and Christian College.  We also started making our own bread and soups from scratch and selling soup and sandwiches for lunch!!  We are also thinking of opening our own restaurant {separate from The Crazy Cupcake}. 

~ I want to graduate with my BA in English!!   This is also not going to happen.  I was so busy working that I couldn't juggle work, kids, the shop and school.  But I am ok with this.  I know that once everything settles I will be ready and able to finish.

~ Finally lose the 25-30 pounds of "baby weight".  This also didn't happen.  Not only didn't I lose this weight, I gained about 10 pounds from all the fast food we ate since we were so busy with the shop.  But this is still what I want.  I want to lose about 20 pounds and just be healthier in all aspects of life.  I am starting a Couch to 5k program and plan to run a 5k the end of March.  To help with planning dinners and shopping, I joined E-Mealz.  It was $46.40 for all of 2012.  Each week you print out a menu and a shopping list.  This way dinner is planned, we can buy all the necessary ingredients in advance and no more fast food!!! Plus they have a variety of different ingredients so we can try new things and make dinner less boring.

~ Get Mason potty trained.  He just turned 2 and a half, but he isn't ready.  We tried and he will pee on the potty but only sometimes.  I figure in the next couple weeks he should be good!  Watch for my potty training tips post shortly.

~ 30th Birthday in Vegas.  This isn't going to happen either.  Our van {which is 20 months old to us} blew it's motor.  To replace the motor is would be at least $4500.  Not gonna happen since we only paid $4000 for it 20 months ago.  So we are new {to us} car shopping.  Also Hubby's sister is getting married March 10 and my sister is due with her first baby around the same time and we are expected in CA.  So it would be tough to spend money to travel and close the shop to do both.  So we decided to stay here for my birthday.  But my BFF is coming here to visit!!!!!!!!!!!

~1000 followers on GFC, FB and Twitter.  Nope.  LOL  But I didn't try.  I was so busy with the shop that I only blogged about 38 times in all of 2011.  While in 2010 I posted 224 posts!!! So that is a goal for me to blog at least once a week this year!! The more I blog, the more people read, the more followers I get.. You get the idea!!  I also decided to change the name of my blog and how/what I write about!!

All in all, 2011 was a pretty awesome year!!  I plan on making 2012 an even better one!!!!!!