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Saturday, December 31

New Year...New Blog!

Or at least a facelift.  I have been publicly blogging for 2 years this March and I need something new.  The last year {2011} I barely blogged because I was so busy with our new business and the kids and what not but I also think because blogging had gotten old. So I realized that I need a change and this is the blog!!  I changed the name from You Have How Many Kids to The Allison Show because while I still get asked stupid questions every day when we go out as a family I want this blog to be about ME!!

I also realized that I am not a "mommy blogger" and that by trying to be one, it was hiding the true me.  I love photography, reading and cooking.  The Allison Show will have my fave pictures, recipes, and books but also so much more.  I {in real life} swear like a "drunken sailor" so you may see some cuss words now.  Oh no.. ;)  I am also VERY sarcastic so I am taking the italic font and changing it to the sarcastic font. I am also very opinionated and want to start writing about things I feel strongly about {you may get offended.  I apologize if that happens since the point is not to offend but to comment on things in general.}  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts even {especially} if they differ from mine. 

I may still do review and giveaways since I love free stuff too but they will have a more back seat view rather than being mostly what I blog about. Thanks for sticking around and Enjoy the show!!


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