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Happy Halloween!! ~~Adults Only!!~~

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The Allison Show: Happy Halloween!! ~~Adults Only!!~~

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Thursday, September 22

Happy Halloween!! ~~Adults Only!!~~

This post is pretty much safe to read anywhere but is intended for adults 18+

It is almost that time of year again!!  I love Halloween especially dressing up ;)  Sometimes in fun costumes but mostly in fun {ADULT} costumes.  You may know Eden Fantasys is an adult shop but did you know they also carry lingerie and costumes in every size {even plus size for us big girls?}  I think it would be super fun to dress up in a costume that has meaningful for you and your man!  Maybe one that matches his career?  Is he in the military or maybe a police officer? Does he own a German restaurant or is he a pirate? {OK I might have been pushing it with those last 2 LOL}


Or what if you just dressed up as his fantasy come to life? Gives new meaning to Fantasy Football huh? Or does he love racing? or you could just be a sexy nurse!!

Whatever costume you choose you are sure to have a fun night!!  The only thing that would make it better is to throw in a sex toy or two!!  They make toys for men, women, and couples!  So no matter what you like you can find something to fit your mood, style, and wallet!  They now offer free gifts with purchase!  Currently you can pick from a tee shirt that says "I like things that go Vroom", a tote bag, toy cleaning wipes, or a textured sleeve {fun for boys}.

Eden Fantasys is much more than most adult shops.  They have Sexis which is a magazine full of fun {The Bloggess HILARIOUS!!}, educational {Em & Lo: Sex Ed for Grown Ups}, and mind opening {Should Moms still be sexy?} columns. 

They even have clubs that hold monthly meetings like Photography, Cooking, and the Naked Reader Club.  Eden Fantasys is truly about you and the things you want to look at, talk about, and do.   Have a fun and safe Halloween!!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Disclaimer: While I received a gift card for this post and it's links, the content and ideas are mine.


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