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The Allison Show: April 2011

The Allison Show

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Wednesday, April 27

A Moment for Mommy

Don't forget A Moment for Mommy Giveaway event starts this Friday and ends Sunday at 11:59 pm.  I will be offering a bunch of great stuff.  Most will be E Gift Cards so that my Mommy winner can pick out what she wants just in time for Mother's Day.  Some cards will be for EcoMom, Starbucks, and maybe a secret one or 2.  My winner will also get a Libre Tea Glass {see my review on that tomorrow}and a 1/3 pound sampler pack from Cowgirl Chocolates.

Saturday, April 2

Cupcake Update

Our bakery is doing awesome!!  We opened 2/6 {Superbowl Sunday} and had our Grand Opening 2/11/11.  In Feb we made XYZ.  In March we made XYZ plus $3000!!!!!  We are doing better then we hoped {truthfully better then we even dreamed we would}.  I can't wait to see what April will bring.  If these are supposed to be the slow months of the year we will definitely need to hire some help before summer. 

We have the grad student who lives in the building next door help on Saturdays.  On Saturdays we make about 20 dozen cupcakes!!  During the week we make at least 10 dozen.  It was hard to just bake them and hope that we would have enough customers to buy them all. But DJ keeps saying "If you bake it, they will come." {BTW I haven't even seen Field of Dreams but at least I knew that's where his quote was from} So i ahve faith and bake them every day.

On the occasional night when we do have leftover cupcakes we have been donating them to local merchants, the fire department, police department, and our kids' school.  I wish the Ronald McDonald house wasn't a half hour away because I would love to bring them cupcakes.  But by the time we close at 6, I have been at work since 7 am or earlier so I am ready for bed by the time we get home, make dinner, and get the kids to bed.

The nice thing is that we are finally starting to get into the work, kids, school balancing act.  the first few weeks were beyond hard.  We worked from 5 am to 7 pm. Went home, saw the kids for an hour and hit the sack to do it all again the next day.  But as we got used to working, we also learned when the people want cupcakes, we changed our hours and one of us goes home during the day to see the little boys and to make dinner.  We still eat out WAY too much but we are getting better about having food ready to make and to actually make something for dinner.

We are so glad that we decided to open our own business.  We love what we do and we love working for ourselves!!