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The Allison Show: October 2010

The Allison Show

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Wednesday, October 27

Isle of Eden Gift Cards Giveaway

People ask me all the time how I handle 5 kids and if I ever have any free time.  Thankfully my Hubby is very helpful.  He does housework (I never mop, vacuum, and wash clothes) and he always helps with the kids.  So when I have had one of THOSE days, I wait until about 8 pm when most kids are at least in bed and I escape to the bathroom.  I run a hot bath, bring a snack (usually chocolate), and a book.  And I hide for a couple of hours.  Yes you read that right.  I hide in the bath for a couple of hours.  Or until I finish my book.  But with all the yummy bath products Isle of Eden I can hang out even when my book is finished.

They make tons of different products and offer them in every scent you can imagine (and even some you can't).  They make Whipped Sugar Body Scrubs, Bubble Milk Bath, Hand Sanitizer, Body Creme, Sparkly Body Creme, Parfum, Hair Detangler, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, and Body Gloss.  If I had one of every one of these products I would never eave the bathroom!!!

Another thing I love about Isle of Eden is that they are animal friendly!  Here is some info from their site.

"Isle of Eden is the creative work of Alexa van Eden, the first to bring sugar scrubs to life with a rainbow of vivid colors and an incredible array of fragrances ranging from fresh and oceanic scents, to incredibly feminine scents, to our much-loved gourmand and luxurious scents.

Growing up on the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, the constant exposure to the sun and surf sparked Alexa's concern for skincare.  After much research she focused on the importance of exfoliation in renewing skin's radiance and developed Isle of Eden's trademark product; Double Whipped Body Scrubs.  Isle of Eden's Sugar Scrubs are packed with nourishing ingredients such as Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème™, organic oils and butters, multiple grain-sizes of sugar, as well as organic raw cane sugar.  Her passion for hand-blending unique, one-of-a-kind perfumes led her to expand Isle of Eden's scent library into the amazing selection of fragrances available today.  From best selling fragrances that stay year round, to a wonderful array of seasonal fragrances, there is a fragrance for everyone.  Isle of Eden now provides a broad spectrum of bath and body care products, from the best selling sugar scrubs, to hair care, nourishing body creams, and of course amazing perfume blends."

Thanks to Alexa 3 Lucky winners will each win a $20 E-Gift Card!!!!!

How To Enter:

Mandatory Entry (must be done for extra entries to count):
*Go to Isle of Eden  and leave me a comment with which product/scent is your favorite and your email address (Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.)

Extra Entries:
*Follow me on GFC, Facebook, or Twitter (leave a separate comment for each follow)
*Like Isle of Eden on Facebook and let her know I sent you (Leave 2 comments)
* Follow Isle of Eden  on Twitter
* Sign Up for the Isle of Eden newsletter (Leave 3 comments)
* Blog about the giveaway (Leave 5 comments and link to post)

Super Bonus Entry:
* I entered a contest on food52.  The contest was for a non-pie Thanksgiving dessert so I entered my Pumpkin Pie Cupcake recipe.  I would love for you to go and like my recipe and leave me a comment.  Here is my recipe.  Since you have to join to leave a comment (free sign up) I will give you 10 extra entries!! Leave me one comment here with you food52 name and say "food52 bonus".  THANKS!!!

Hurry and enter!!!  This giveaway ends 11/10 at 12 am eastern.  Good Luck!!!!!!!

MiracleBody Jeans Review and Giveaway!!!

Who doesn't want to look 10 pounds lighter??  When I first heard about these jeans I wasn't sure if they would really live up to their promise but I was very excited to try them and find out for myself.  MiracleBody sells jeans, leggings, skirts, and tops.  I was interested in the jeans and they sell straight leg, boot cut, and skinny.  I like boot cut jeans so that was the obvious choice.  The Samantha Jeans come with 3 different pocket styles.  I went with the classic (slightly embroidered back pockets) the other 2 choices are embroidered back pockets (Aquarius) and studded back pockets (Tiberon).  Here is what the site says about them:

"Style and class make these Samantha jeans a classic must-have. Our premium denim boot cuts offer a subtle flair to balance out the hips and a unique tummy control panel to comfortably hold your front side for a flattering slimmer shape. And our unique blend of cotton and spandex control fabric shapes and slims the thighs and lifts the rear for an all around slender look. Miraclebody’s signature Classic style embroidered rear pockets add just the right touch to finish off these handcrafted ultra shaping Samantha boot cuts.


  • 10” Mid-rise: sits on the hips to create curves, higher in the back for additional rear coverage
  • Boot cut: subtle flair in the leg helps creates a balanced appearance
  • Embroidered pockets: Classic style, designed to give the illusion of a slimmer backside
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex: comfortable fit with breathe-easy stretch
  • 32” Inseam: regular length
  • Machine washable: inside out, gentle cycle
  • Made in the USA of imported fabric
 I love these jeans!!  I love that they sit higher on my waist (better to suck in the muffin top!) They are the perfect length for me (I'm 5'6 with pretty long legs).  The only problem I have is that my waist is a size 12 (according to the size chart but after wearing them for an hour or two they are kind of loose so I probably should have gotten a 10) but my hips and thighs are an 8.  So they are slightly baggy but they are really comfortable.  I just don't think they do much on my lopsided body type.  I have had them about 3 weeks now and they are holding up well.  They are my go to pair of jeans (can you guess what I am going to ask Santa for, for Christmas? LOL)

I just noticed the care instructions.  They have been washed by Hubby but I doubt that he turned them inside out.  I'll have to tell him since he is the laundry man in our house. 

Are you convinced that you MUST have these jeans yet?? Well 1 lucky reader will win their very own pair (retail value $110!!)  Giveaway open to US and Canada residents.

How To Enter:

Mandatory Entry (must be done for extra entries to count):
*Go to MiracleBody and leave me a comment with which jeans you are going to pick and your email address (Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.)

Extra Entries:
*Follow me on GFC, Facebook, or Twitter (leave a separate comment for each follow)
*Like MiracleBody on Facebook and let them know I sent you (Leave 2 comments)
* Follow MiracleBody on Twitter
* Blog about the giveaway (Leave 5 comments and link to post)

Super Bonus Entry:
* I entered a contest on food52.  The contest was for a non-pie Thanksgiving dessert so I entered my Pumpkin Pie Cupcake recipe.  I would love for you to go and like my recipe and leave me a comment.  Here is my recipe.  Since you have to join to leave a comment (free sign up) I will give you 10 extra entries!! Leave me one comment here with you food52 name and say "food52 bonus".  THANKS!!!

Hurry and enter!!!  This giveaway ends 11/12 (Cody's 3rd Birthday!!) at 12 am eastern.  Good Luck!!!!!!!

**Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.***

Monday, October 25

I'm so Excited!!!

I have some AMAZING giveaways coming up in the next few days/weeks.  Here are some of them:

MiracleBody Jeans
Ms Ladybug Pillow Pet
HeadChefs Cooking Utensils
Spoonful of Comfort Chicken Soup
Isle of Eden $20 E-Gift Card (3 winners!!)
Super Sipperz (Dishwasher safe connectible straws)

I am sure you are as excited as I am!!!

Saturday, October 23

Scandle Candle has a new Product!!!!!

You may have read my last post about Scandle Candles back in April 2010.  It was hilarious!!  If you didn't check it out! {POST}  They liked my last review so much that now I am on the list when new products come out.  I was so excited to receive an email recently that they have a new shimmering Lotion Candle!!!  The Shimmering Lotion Candle is awesome!! Here are some of the great benefits of using it.

  • Gives Skin a Natural Shimmer

  • Hides Wrinkles & Imperfections by Deflecting Light

  • Hydrates the Skin

  • When I first got my candle, I took it out and lit it right away.  As the candle melted in lotion you could look down and see the shimmering glitter.  When you rub the lotion in you get a nice shimmer not a jumbo gaudy glitter.  It is subtle and very pretty.  Compared to the original candle, I thought this lotion actually felt more oily.

    I like this lotion more for spa days at home then massage.  This lotion takes longer to rub in and is thicker than the original.  I use this lotion when I get out of the bath.  Since I have horribly dry skin, this rubs in and keeps my skin moisturized all day long!!

    My candle was Copa Cabana scented. When the candle is burning it smells like coconuts.  I love it!!!  you light the candle and you can imagine you are on a beach some where laying in the hot summer sun (instead of at home in the middle of fall).  But when i rub in the lotion it smells less like coconut and more like nature.  Kind of botanical.  You should definitely check out all the products Scandle carries and try them for yourselves.  They would make great Xmas presents!!

    ***I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.***

    Battleship Keychain Giveaway!

    Sponsored by  A few months ago I did a review of the Battleship Keychain.  {POST}
    Well would you like to win one of your own?  They would make an excellent stocking stuffer (Yes it is that time of the year again.  Where did 2010 go?).  Here's how to enter:

    *Follow me on GFC, Facebook, or Twitter (Leave a separate comment for each. Make sure to include an email address as that is how the winner will be notified.)
    * Leave a comment saying who you are going to give the keychain to.

    This giveaway ends 11/1 at 12 am eastern time. Good Luck!!

    Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Giveaway

    Sponsored by Did you read my glowing review on Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce ??  (If not go read it now LOL) Do you want to try this awesome sauce?  Then enter to win some for your very own!!! 2 lucky people will win some!!!

    *****This giveaway will end 10/31 at Midnight eastern.*****

    Ways to Enter:
    * Follow me on GFC, Twitter, or FB (Leave a separate comment for each follow)
    * Like Country Bob on Facebook  or follow them on Twitter
    * Enter any of my other giveaways (Leave a comment per giveaway entered)

    Friday, October 22

    KT Tunstall CD Review

    KT Tunstall's new CD Tiger Suit hit stores Tuesday 10/5.  Her first single "Fade Like a Shadow" is a Top 20 hit on the radio.  KT is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum, Scottish-born singer-songwriter.  You probably have heard her Grammy award nominated song "Suddenly I See" from 2005. 

    Check her out on her site KT Tunstall, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  This is a great rock/pop CD and I would recommend you go check it out for yourself.

    Her songs on Tiger Suit include:

    1. Uummannaq Song                     2. Glamour Puss
    3. Push that Knot Away                4. Difficulty
    5. Fade Like a Shadow                 6. Lost
    7. Golden Frames                         8. Come On, Get In
    9. (Still A) Weirdo                        10. Madame  Trudeaux
    11. The Entertainer

    ***Disclaimer: I received this CD free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.***

    Tuesday, October 19

    Book Review: Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham

    Title:  Beyond Justice
    Author: Joshua Graham
    Publisher: Dawn Treader Press
    Published: April 27, 2010
    ISBN: 978-0984452606

    Summary:   "Sam Hudson, a reputable San Diego attorney, learns this when the authorities wrongfully convict him of the brutal rape and murder of his wife and daughter, and sends him to death row. There he awaits execution by lethal injection.  If he survives that long.

    In prison, Sam fights for his life while his attorney works frantically on his appeal. It is then that he embraces the faith of his departed wife and begins to manifest supernatural abilities. Abilities which help him save lives– his own, those of his unlikely allies–and uncover the true killer’s identity, unlocking the door to his exoneration."

    I only had to read 7 words and I instantly knew this was the book for me.  All I had to read to was San Diego attorney.  I stopped reading and replied (I got the review offer in an email or Facebook message- I can't remember which) that I most certainly wanted to review Beyond Justice!!!!!  I love all things law and as you know (maybe) I am a native San Diegan!!!!!!!  Lucky for me, this turned out to be the BEST (yes you read right) Best book I have read and reviewed this year.

    Sam comes home from work to find his wife brutally stabbed, with her last dying breath (literally) she tells him to go check on the kids.  He finds his 4 year old son beaten with a baseball bat and his teenage daughter dead.  And then if that wasn't bad enough, he is the only suspect in their deaths.

    However this book isn't just about law and criminal justice, it is about faith and realizing that everything happens for a reason.  While trying to get his conviction overturned and to get released from prison, Sam finds God and discovers how his faith can help him through these incredibly dark and trying times.  I really liked that this discovery takes years and is not one of those "overnight" Death Row conversions.  It is a real and believable sequence of events.  I HIGHLY recommend Beyond Justice as a must read!!
    Rating: Photobucket

    About the author:  Joshua Graham grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he lived for the better part of 30 years. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree and went on to earn his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University.   During his time in Maryland, he taught as a professor at Shepherd College (WV), Western Maryland College, and Columbia Union College (MD).

    Today he lives with his beautiful wife and children in San Diego.  Several of Graham’s short fiction works have been published by Pocket Books and Dawn Treader Press.  You can find him at and on Facebook at  (that is a zero in Joshua).

    Wednesday, October 13

    HOT Halloween Book Review

    Title: Halloween Fantasies
    Author:  Katie Salidas

    Summary:  Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies.  Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona-fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She’s ready to go home a happy woman.  Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share. 

    Review:  What a really fun and sexy read that is perfect for Halloween.  It has everything great books have: drama, action, vampires, and a little (ok, a lot) of sex.  Two best friends decide to go to the wildest party and hook up (hopefully) with some hot guys.  Sasha meets the man of her dreams who ends up being a vampire.  Dante has an identical twin brother (also a vampire) who agrees to hook up with Sasha's friend so Dante can be alone with Sasha.  Everything is fine until Sasha's friend finds out her love interest is a vampire and sends him packing.  So what is Sasha to do but welcome Dante's twin to their "private party."   Here's where all the sex comes in.  This story is a very well written guilty pleasure that is perfect for the season.  The only drawback is the story is short.  I would have liked a full novel and to delve further into the lives of these characters.  Rating: Photobucket

    About the author:   Author of the hot new Urban Fantasy series, Immortalis, Katie has always had a desire to entertain. Since, early childhood, she’s dreamed up fantastical characters and scribbled them into pages of various journals and notebooks. Taking an interest in vampires at an early age, she devoured every book, featuring those mysterious, blood sucking creatures, in any genre she could find. She claims that, of all the monsters out there, vampires had always been the most interesting.
    It was only natural that a love of reading about vampires, and a love of writing, turned into a desire to write her own stories.
    A Las Vegas native, having grown up in the famed City of Sin, Katie loves to feature it as a recurring setting for many of her stories.  Check out here virtual tour page at

    Sunday, October 3

    Country Bob's Sauce Review

    As you know Hubby and I love to cook.  And he especially loves to BBQ. (I love to eat BBQ!!)  So I was very excited to review Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.  When I told Hubby he asked what an all purpose sauce was.  I don't know a sauce that has all kinds of purposes?? So we decided to go check out their website. 

    Country Bob's  website has tons of great info on it.  It has info on how the sauce was started (back in 1968) and how the company got started.  They also have recipes using the sauces.  It has all their products: All Purpose Sauce, Spicy All Purpose Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Seasoning Salt, and they even sell apparel.   You can click on each of the products and get more info.  So we clicked on All Purpose Sauce.

    It says "Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is in a class by itself. It is more than a steak sauce, because of its unique flavor and the variety of uses. You can grill, cook, and marinate with it, or put it in your soups, stews, baked beans, and your other favorite dishes. Experience the Taste of our Gluten Free All Purpose Sauce!"

    Well that about sums it up.  Even though no one in our family has any gluten allergies or issues I always look at gluten ingredients.  I like that a lot of products are now gluten free.  We decided to first try it as a BBQ sauce.  We (and by we I mean Hubby) grilled some pork ribs and we slathered them with the sauce.  This sauce is awesome!!!   It almost tastes like steak sauce but it also has a little something else in there.  Kind of soy sauce or maybe a little BBQ flavor.  It is hard to describe the unique flavor but it is Amazing on BBQ. 

    After looking through the recipes I have some great ideas for our next BBQ.  Baked beans, Chex Mix, and soups; all with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.  You can add this sauce to anything!!!  I HIGHLY recommend this sauce to anyone who loves to cook (or eat!  LOL).

    ***Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion and  review***

    This Product Was a Free Giveaway