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The Allison Show: Happy New Years Eve!!

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Friday, December 31

Happy New Years Eve!!

Wow this has been a crazy and great year!! In January I turned 28. In February, Blake turned 9!!I love that as he gets older he is scared of things less and more willing to try new things.  He got a new bike and was finally brave enough to jump it and have lots of fun!!  He had a party with 5 of his friends.  Hubby took them to Fun Expedition and then all the boys had a sleep over!!

In March Hubby went to visit his parents with a snow boarding trip to Tahoe!  And since I was stuck at home with 5 kids for 5 days, I needed something to keep me occupied: I made my blog public!!  I can't believe how far my blog has come in these 9 months!  I have 650+ GFC followers!!! Plus I started a facebook fan page and a twitter page.  I have loved doing product reviews and book reviews. I am so thankful to all the companies and authors I have worked with this year and can't wait to do it all again in 2011!!

In March, Jacob turned 4.  He is so smart and so funny!! I can't wait to see how he grows and changes in 2011.  In April, Kayla turned 7!!  We had so much fun at Fun Expedition with two of her friends!!  I love that she is so sweet and helpful!!  She is my Little Mama.  In the end of April/ beginning of May my Dad came out to visit and  brought both of my sisters and my 2 nephews {Landon is the same age as Jake and Brady is the same age as Cody}.  That was a CRAZY but super fun few weeks and we were all sad to see them leave!!

In June all the kids {and I}were out of school and ready for an awesome summer!!! This was the first time Hubby has not been working so we wanted to make sure and take advantage of all of us being home.  We bought a membership to the Hands ON! Museum and took the kids there a lot!!  June 13th, we celebrated Mason's 1st birthday!!  He is so big now!!  No more baby.  Where has the time gone??  On June 30th, we drove my mom to Ashville so she could catch a plane to California.  She was only going to be gone a month but ended up staying 4 months!!

And in July, we took our first REAL family vacation.  We loaded up the kids and drove cross-country to CA!!  We stayed for 3 weeks and had the greatest time ever!!!  We took the kids to all of our old favorite places but this time we were the tourists!!  We went to Seaport Village, the beach, Legoland, Balboa Park, and saw tons of friends and family!!  We ate all we could of California burritos, Rubios' fish tacos, and avocados!! The kids were so good and the trip couldn't have been better.

We also let Kayla cut her hair for the first time.  She cut off 10" and donated it to Locks of Love.  Not to be outdone, I did the same.  My hair was the shortest it has EVER been but it looked really cute and is super easy to take care of.  We left San Diego around the 3rd of August to come home and get ready to go back to school.

Around the middle of August, Hubby and I first started having an idea that we wanted to open a cafe and bakery.  We started testing recipes and kind of day dreaming about owning our own business.  The kids and I went back to school and then we really started talking about opening our own shop.  And around the 3rd of September, I decided that we would really do it.

In October my Dad came out again and stayed for a month.  My mom also finally came back from California.  Hubby turned 33, we went to see One Republic and Maroon 5 in concert.  The kids had a blast Trick or Treating.  and we got a new member of the family: Scrappy a tiny little 2 pound Chihuahua.  He is maybe 3 pounds now and 21 weeks old. LOL

In November Cody turned 3.  He is a little crack up.  He always makes me laugh and is so much to hang out with.  Hubby and I went to a new business meeting put on by the local revenue department.  We learned a lot and then we went and got a business license and sales tax license.  And then near the end of November, we found the place we wanted to open our shop in!!

December has been so fun and so busy.  We are setting up the shop, playing in the snow, and having the kids a week early for Christmas break.  Gotta love snow days.  The kids have already missed 6 and a 1/2 days and that was in December!  The kids had a great Christmas and Hubby and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!!

I can hardly wait for the great stuff that 2011 will bring us.  Our shop The Crazy Cupcake will open in January.  I am 10 classes {2 semesters} away from graduating with my BA in English and a minor in Criminal Justice.  SO EXCITED!!!!  Here's to an amazing and healthy and successful 2011!!!


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