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The Allison Show: Mr Vinegar and the Frozen Sea by Chris Wardle

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Thursday, November 4

Mr Vinegar and the Frozen Sea by Chris Wardle

Title: Mr Vinegar and the Frozen Sea
Author: Chris Wardle
Book 3 in the Mr Tinfish Series

So far our animal friends had many adventures and opportunities to work as a team.  In Book 1, the ocean levels are rising and the animals must move they colony farther inland.  In Book 2,  the animals have to come together to find new plants to feed the grazing animals.  Since the dry, hot winds of summer are killing the plants they normally eat.

In Book 3, winter is back and with it the animals face new challenges.  The ocean is freezing so the penguins can't catch as much fish as they usually do and the animals are suffering.  After a colony meeting, it is decided that some of the animals need to live on the ice, so they can catch more fish and then other animals will transport the fish back to the colony.

I think these books are great for kids.  Kayla is very wrapped up in these animals and their personal stories.  She talks to me about them and the other kids and hubby wonder what we are talking about.  LOL  We probably sound like a couple of women talking about our favorite soap opera or something.  I love that unlike many of the popular children's books, the Mr Tinfish series teach many important lessons to children.  They learn the importance of taking care of our planet, they learn how to work as a team, and how to use critical thinking skills to solve problems.  When Kayla and I read these books we stop when the animals have their colony meeting.  We discuss the problem they are facing and possible solutions.  Then we continue reading to see how the animals decide to solve the problem.  These books also teach children that sometimes there are multiple ways to solve problems and how to work together to decide which solution is best for that situation.

These are great books and would make great Christmas presents!!


Blogger Chris Wardle said...

Hi Allison and Kayla,

Thank you so much for the reviewing the books and getting so into the Tinfish soap opera! I really enjoyed all of your great comments. I find it very interesting to see the different things that people take away from reading the books, for example the critical thinking aspect. The colony are very lucky they have Mr. Denzel from that perspective - if all the problems were left to Mr. Choli to sort out I think they'd struggle.

November 7, 2010 at 12:05 AM  
Blogger Martha Moloney said...

I think Mr. Denzel is amazing although Mr. Vinegar would possibly argue he is the problem solver. I agree with Allison and Kayla the books would make wonderful Christmas presents. Well done to Chris.

November 7, 2010 at 10:35 PM  

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