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The Allison Show: Mr Ginger and the Disappearing Fish by Chris Wardle

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Saturday, November 6

Mr Ginger and the Disappearing Fish by Chris Wardle

Title: Mr Ginger and the Disappearing Fish
Author: Chris Wardle
5th book in the Mr Tinfish Series

This is the most complex problem to even face Mr Tinfish and his friends.  The ocean currents have turned warm and in doing so have forced the fish to go elsewhere for the cold currents they were accustomed to.  At first the animals are not concerned because they can fish in the river but then...The seabirds come.  Since the fish are gone from the ocean the birds have nothing to eat.  So they have come inland to eat the fish that live in the river.

Well that causes a whole new problem.  Now the river is being over fished and no one has enough fish to eat.  So like always, the animals call a meeting to decide how to handle the problem. They are going to try and find out where the fish went or to re-stock the river. 

Kayla really likes this book.  She can relate to Mr Choli and Mr Ginger and their frustration of the noisy birds.  Anyone who has went to the beach knows how loud and crazy seagulls can be.  And if you haven't been to the beach you can relate if you have seen Finding Nemo (Mine Mine Mine) .  This book like the previous 4 are great for kids and a fun and easy read.  Kayla is very excited for the next book and to find out what else happens to the animals!!


Blogger Chris Wardle said...

Not sure when the next book will be (I'm getting low on different types of disasters). However,you might enjoy a blog about the real Mr. Choli in the meantime.

November 7, 2010 at 12:12 AM  

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