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Wednesday, November 3

The Lighthouse of Mr Tinfish by Chris Wardle

Title: The Lighthouse of Mr Tinfish
Author: Chris Wardle

Summary:  The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish is the first in a series of children's books which follows the humorous adventures of Mr. Tinfish the penguin and his friends as they try to cope with the impact of climatic change in their colony."

This is a really cute book that will spark kids' interest in reading the other 4 books.  I would say that these books are for kids 7 or 8 (depending on reading level) up to maybe 11.  My daughter is only 7 but she reads at a 3rd grade level (in 2nd grade) and she really liked this book.  While it is easy for kids to read, their is lots of bigger words to help them expand their vocabulary.  For example Mr Tinfish lives near the water on the headland.  So I had to explain that headland is the part of the land that sticks out into the water.

Blake is almost 10 and he wasn't very into this book.  But I think its because they wasn't any super heroes or the other "boy" things that he likes to read about.  Kayla really liked the story.  She liked that there is only animals left on Earth (humans died off from wars and pollution) and that the animals are the main characters in the story.

In this story Mr Tinfish and his friends have to move their community because since the humans messed up the Earth so badly, the climate is always shifting and the ocean levels rising.  Mr Tinfish and his friends must move to higher, more inland ground to escape the waves and flooding.

This is a great story for the kids who are very environmentally conscientious. This will teach our children that if we don't take care of our Earth we will be gone and everyone will have to pay the consequences.  I think this is a great book to read to our kids to help them understand the risk our planet is under and also for ways they can help protect it. 

Check back later today for Kayla's review of the 2nd book in the series!!


Blogger Martha Moloney said...

In the book The Lighthouse and Mr. Tinfish the author very cleverly shows us how by working together as a community we are better able to solve problems and we should be aware of not taking our enviorment for granted. Children reading the book would get an understanding of how we can all work at protecting our planet.

November 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM  

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