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Friday, August 27

BlogFest Sponsor: Overall Beauty!!!

I absolutely LOVE this site!!!!  Overall Beauty has everything you could ever want for health and beauty products.  They have articles about beauty and advice.  They sell hair care products, makeup, skin care, lip gloss, products for feet (they need love too!), and my personal Favorite Nail Polish!  They have a HUGE selection of colors and selection for both Men and Women! Kim (the Beauty Boss!) is super awesome and is offering 4 of the insanely popular BB Couture nail polishes.  That is a $36 value.  Here are the colors and a little description.

This is Adam!! This bad boy is the color of dark brown green tree bark with a shimmer pink.. his infamous lover was the beautiful Eve!  This picture was taken outside in sunlight, with two coats and no top coat.

We can't have Adam with out Eve.  So here she is!! This pretty lady is multiple shades of glitter in a brown green base.. her bad boy lover could only be Adam!

This is Michael. This little guy is a purple base blue with shimmer, his partner in crime and love is Carla!  Since we can't come between true love Nail Polish #4 is Carla!!
Carla...Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!  She is definitly going on my Christmas Wish List!
The pretty lady is a dark deep midnight purple, her infamous bad boy lover was Michael! 

I love them all!!  This makes me even more excited for BlogFest!! EEeeee!!
Kim is on: Twitter,, and Facebook  Go follow her and tell her you saw Allison's BlogFest Sponsor Post  and decided to go over and say Hi.  Thanks!


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