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The Allison Show: Super Fun Saturday!!

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Saturday, July 31

Super Fun Saturday!!

Today was incredibly busy but tons of fun.  We started the day with my hubby's sister's daughter's birthday party.  Paige turned 7 and had her party at a park up by their house.  The kids had so much fun!  They did Egg Races (the game came with giant plastic spoons and easter eggs!  LOL), Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Potato Sack races, Princess Bingo, and broke a pinata!  The old kids won prizes from the games, and everyone got a goody bag and filled it with Pinata candy.  All the kids' candy combined filled a Ziplock freezer bag!!

Then my sis-in-law babysat and we went and got tattoos!!  My husband and I got matching tattoos on our ring fingers of our left hand.  They say Live Laugh Love. 

Then I got my star tatoo on my right calf finished.  I started it right after I had Jacob back in 2006.  I got a star for each of the kids.  Blake's is red, Kayla's is purple (her favorite color is pink but I did not want red and pink next to each other LOL), and Jacob got a blue star.  Well as the last 4 years have passed we have had another 2 kids so my star tatoo was unfinished.  I decided to get a green star for Cody and (since it was in the color wheel pattern) a yellow star for Mason. 

They came out awesome!!!!  I love them so much.  I love the way the script looks on our finger- DJ picked out what they should say and I think it is very fitting for us and the way we live our lives.  My leg looks great. The colors look great together.  It is pretty big though, it ends about 2 inches under my knee and starts on my ankle.  Oh well thats what happens when you have 5 kids!!  (I would put up pictures but my camera is broke.)

Then this afternoon was my sister's bridal shower and tonight was her bachlorette party!!  I felt so bad for her.  She invited 20 people (well actually she invited more but 20 said they would attend) and only 2 of her friends came!  She was so upset!!  Her shower was me, our mom, and her 2 friends.  Pretty sad.  Then she texted everyone and they all gave lame excuses why they couldn't make it.  Since no one came to the shower we figured no one would come to the bachlorette party and we were right.  It was both my sisters, my friend Shay (who couldn't make it to the shower) and me.  My sisters wanted to just stay home and drink but I siad NO WAY!!  Shay brought over a sash that said bachlorette and a tiara that lit up and said Bride to be.  We made Jessica wear them and decided to head downtown San Diego and go clubbing!!   Our first stop was Quality Social.  They brew their own whiskey and make their own pickles so they signature drink is a shot of Jamison followed by a shot of pickle juice!!  EWWW!  That just sounds so gross.  But we made Jessica do it!!  She only did a sip of Jamison and then a sip of the juice but she looked like she was going to puke!  Too funny!  We ordered White Gummy Bears and they are yummy!!  Then we decided to head over to my favorite bar/ club Martini Ranch.  Well after walking a couple blocks we realized it had been across the street from Quality Social but we didn't realize it because they changed the name to Double Dueces.

After standing in line for about 10 minutes we get to the door and the cover was supposed to be $5 a person but the bouncer let us in for free!  But he spent like 10 minutes checking out my out of state TN driver's license like I used id card software to make it.  I would like to add that out of the 4 of us I am the oldest!  We had so much fun there!!  We got a bunch of guys to buy Jessica drinks and I talked her into to riding the mechanical bull!!  That was the funniest thing ever!!  I have video that I took on my cell phone so if she gives me the ok I will upload them to YouTube and post them here!!  Today was the best!!!!!!!!!!

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