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Friday, July 16

San Diego, CA or bust!!!

We decided that instead of waiting for Saturday to leave, that we are leaving at 2 am today!!  We are going to try and make it to Amarillo, TX today and then to San Diego, CA tomorrow.  We think it will be possible because we will gain an hour today.  And then tomorrow we gain 2 hours!  We are hoping that by leaving at 2 am, we can drive until 8 or 9 pm and we won't be tired and it will be almost dark.  The other 3 times we have driven cross country, we left at 6 am and drove until 10 pm or later.  But that is harder because you are driving in the dark, at the end of the day, when you are tired.  Plus this should be the easiest trip yet because we are making it in our van!! The first trip out here we were in our truck pulling a U-Haul trailer.  I was squished because of all the crap behind my seat.  Then on the way back to CA, we were in the U-Haul truck.  This last time in July 2009, hubby was in the U-Haul truck, towing our van and I was crowded in my mom's truck full of kids and stuff.  I can't hardly wait!!

Hubby is trying to make all of our stuff fit in the van.  I can't believe how much stuff 7 people need to go on vacation.  Kayla has a backpack of clothes, Blake has a Spiderman suitcase, J and C each have a Bob the builder suitcase, Mason has a Thomas suitcase, Hubby has a HUGE duffel bag plus he put 4 pairs of shorts in my suitcase.  Then each kid has a mini backpack full of stuff to entertain them on the car ride.  We have 2 small bathroom bags, camping gear, like sleeping bags and flashlights and 2 small igloo coolers.  Plus grocery bags of food and diapers and what not!!!  Good thing Hubby is pro at packing the car!!!

After much deliberation, the sitting arrangement has been decide upon.  Back row Blake, Jacob, and then Kayla.  Middle Row Cody and Mason.  I hope this arrangement will minimize fights and help us have a smooth, peaceful trip.  I will update tonight when we stop!!

**Update 9:45 pm**
We made it to Amarillo!!!  Yay.  That was our goal and it was surprisingly easy.  We stopped for ice before leaving Johnson City, stopped for gas in between Nashville and Memphis, TN, got gas in Arkansas, got gas and groceries at Walmart in Oklahoma City, OK.  We also stopped at a rest stop to have a picnic lunch.  Stopped at a Super 8 motel in Amarillo.  When we get up at 4 am, we will get gas and hit the road!!  As soon as we get into NM, we will gain an hour and then in AZ we will get another one. The kids were so GOOD in the car!!!  Yay!  Vacation here we come!!

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