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The Allison Show: Chuck E. Cheese...Need I say more??

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Friday, July 30

Chuck E. Cheese...Need I say more??

Wow.  I am suprised bu how much fun the kids had at Chuck E Cheese tonight!!  They all behaved and were helpful to each other and the older kids helped keep an eye on the younger kids.  We were supposed to meet my Dad and Sister at 5 pm.  Well Hubby was going to go mountain biking and couldn't decide where and when the other gys and him were supposed to meet up so after dropping him off, we were an hour late.  GREAT!!  I love hate being late to things.  Plus I was alone so I had to corall  the kids from the car, through the parking lot, into Chuck E Cheese, and find the otthers by myself.  Not a great start.  But like I said the kids were helpful and it was awesome.

We found my sister and Dad sitting at a table with an almost gone pizza and no kids.  So I sent my kids to find the others and sat down and grabbed a slice cause I was starving.  We decided to let the kids play for a while before ordering more pizza so that way they would be ready to take a break from playing and eat hot pizza.  Mason was happy sitting in his high chair eating pizza!

Another funny thing was that out of all the games, rides, and play structures, everyones favorite thing (at least before pizza) was a machine that sketched your picture.  The kids thought it was so funny!

They must have made 15 of these.  As you can see Jess and I got in on the action too.  That machine was very popular for a while!  We decided that since we had been there for about 45 minutes that now was the time to order more pizza.  Plus we used all the tokens that my dad had bought so we bought $10 more. We called all the kids over and my sister's kids decided that playing had made them hungry again so they had more pizza too!  LOL 

Then we gave the kids more tokes and they went out to play.  Blake came to the table to show me what he had made.  Chuck E Cheese has a machine that makes id cards.  You sit down, select boy or girl, and it takes your picture.  Then it prints out the id card.  they have 4 different ones for boys and girls.  They had an astronaut, fire fighter, hip hop dancer, movie star, rock concert backstage pass... they were the coolest thing ever!!  I wonder if I had a badge printer, could I make something like this at home?  I have Photoshop CS3 so I could design a background with a picture and then print it?  I think the kids would love it!!!  Blake, Kayla, and Jacob each made 3 cards, Cody and I each made 1.   What a fun party idea!!  Come to So and So's birthday and then make each of the guests their own id card.  Awesome!!!

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