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Book Review/Giveaway When A Woman Takes An Axe to a Wall

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The Allison Show: Book Review/Giveaway When A Woman Takes An Axe to a Wall

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Thursday, July 8

Book Review/Giveaway When A Woman Takes An Axe to a Wall

Title: When a Woman Takes an Axe to a Wall
Author: Allegra Bennett
Publish: A Writer's Lair Books
Published:  May 13, 2006
ISBN:  978-0975440247

Summary: "Warning!!!! Women in this book are not afraid. They’ll snatch off their sling-backs, shimmy out of their couture, slip into overalls and strap on tool belts in the making of their perfect space and, in that, the renovation of their state of mind. When A Woman Takes An Axe To A Wall explores the synergy between a woman and the four walls she calls her own. Through anecdotes and incidents, it shows us that a woman, or indeed all women who take on their own home repairs embark on more than just superficial fix-it-jobs, they dip into the renovation of their own spirits."

I really liked this book as it helps us to questions gender roles and the way we view traditional men and women jobs.  Most people would think home repairs and remodel are things men do but the women in this book beg to differ.  They are single (most from divorce but some for other reasons) and they are faced with work that needs to be done but there is no man around to do it for them.  So what do they do?  Hire someone, ask a male friend?  Nope these women embrace these tasks and in doing so find themselves.  Some of the women take on home remodel and upkeep because they are newly single and someone has to do it, others are buying a new house and the only ones they can afford are Fixers, and still others see t as a way to make money and support their children.

My only complaint is not actually about the book, but about the cover art.  The whole point of this book is to rethink gender roles when it comes to home owning, remodeling, and repairs.  But the women on the cover is wearing HIGH HEEL work boots.  Come on!!  Images like this are helping to further the wrong message.

I also like that while most of these women were down on their luck they didn't give up and soon realized that things do happen for a reason.  They also realize that when something is taken from your hands, it is so that something better can land there.  Rating: Photobucket

Does this sound like a book you would like to read?  If so leave me a comment with why you want to read this book and your email address.  The winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chose.  Hurry and enter!!  This giveaway ends 7/30 @ 9 pm eastern.


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