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The Allison Show: Summer Break = Vacation!!!

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Wednesday, June 23

Summer Break = Vacation!!!

Since this is almost (we were here Summer 2005) our first summer off the West Coast; Hubby and I have decided to take the kids on a real vacation.  We have taken them on weekend camping trips and to the Colorado River.  They have been to Disneyland (well the oldest 2 have) but we have never been anywhere east or south or north of Tennessee.  A friend of mine goes to Orlando every year for a week and she suggested that I should look into Disney World Packages.  They offer packages that fit into anyones budget (which is great since we have lots of kids and not so much money!).  They also offer ticket packages to multiple theme parks in Orlando.  Which is also great because it allows us variety since the kids would get bored very easily.  They also have great hotel and resort villas at a super price.  We are thinking about renting a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath villa so that everyone will have their own space and we (adults) can have some peace from the kids (hopefully for at least for 5 minutes).  Plus there is a splash pool in the backyard so little kids can nap while big kids play in the pool.  And by renting a villa, we can save money by stocking the full kitchen.  That way we will not eat out as much which is cheaper and healthier.  The resort villas are within minutes of all major parks.  So we can easily visit Disney World, EPCOT Center, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Gatorland, Wet 'N Wild, or even The Kennedy Space Center.  I think we will go out to a dinner show at least once and they offer discount tickets to Pirates or Medieval Times.  Which the boys would totally get a kick out of!!  I am excited and can’t wait for our vacation!!

***Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post.  However all views expressed here are mine alone.***


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