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Spring Cleaning

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The Allison Show: Spring Cleaning

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Sunday, June 27

Spring Cleaning

I hate house cleaning. However, every year (usually around springtime) I get into a cleaning frenzy! Well this year, “Spring Cleaning” hit me a little late and it was more like Pre-Summer Cleaning. This year I also decided to include home safety with my cleaning. So I checked and changed all the batteries in our smoke alarms. The alarm upstairs did not work even after I changed the battery so I went o Wal-Mart (the Happiest Place on Earth…Err make that the Cheapest Place on Earth) to buy a new one. While I was there I decided that I should buy two fire extinguishers: one fire extinguisher for upstairs in the kitchen and one for downstairs in the laundry room. I also bought new filters for my air conditioning vents.

Then I went home and had Hubby install all the stuff I bought. After changing the filters, Hubby suggested that we call someone to come out and clean the central ac/heating vents and ducts. The old guy that came out was crazy!!! It took him 4 hours to do. Wow. So now that my vents/ducts are clean and they have brand new filters, I told Hubby that we should turn the air conditioning on. It has been in the upper 90’s so I figured we deserved a break from the heat and humidity. Hubby flips the switch and … Nothing! Air blows but it is not cold. The temperature in our house actually went up!!!

Ok I’m not going to lie, I was pissed!!! We just cleaned my whole house, paid Crazy Old Man to clean the vents, bought new filters and I still can’t escape the weather. NO FAIR!!! (Can you tell that the heat makes me a tiny bit cranky?) So Handy Manny Hubby went outside to check out the air conditioning unit itself. He found a reset button on the back, bottom of the unit and reset it. He told me to turn on the ac again and WOOHOO!! We now have central air! I love my hubby!! Good thing too since, tomorrow is supposed to hit 100.

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  But all the opinions are mine.***


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