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Wednesday, June 16

Silly Bandz

This is my eighth post for "Schools Out...Now What?" Are your kids obsessed with Silly Bandz? You have no idea what I'm talking about? Well they are silicon "rubber" bands that come in tons of fun shapes and designs.  My 1st and 3rd graders (OMG!  They are now 2nd and 4th graders!!!) came home with a couple before school was out, that they had received from friends. My hubby wasn't a big fan but today the kids were BORED!  So we decided to walk at the mall (free AC!!) One of those "stuff your own animal" stores was selling the bandz for $4.99 for a pack of 24.  The kids had been really good so we decided to let them pick out a pack to share.  They couldn't agree until I pointed out the dinosaurs.  Sold!!

The kids love them and they are a cheap bribe. We gave each of the kids (the ones that are over 3 or almost 3) two to wear and play with. I figure they will spend the rest (Ok realistically, they will probably last a couple weeks) of summer being good and trying to earn more.  If you haven't already you should check them out before your kids come home wanting them!


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