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The Allison Show: Saturday Fun Day

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Monday, June 28

Saturday Fun Day

Have you seen the Saturday activities Toys R Us has been hosting? They had a Bakugan event, a Crayola Art Explosion as well as a Thomas the Train birthday bash. They also held a Lego building contest! I love when someone else comes up with ideas to help me keep the kids entertained! So we decided to make a family fun day out of it and head over for the Lego contest. Only hubby and my oldest son were going to enter, but I was not going to sit around the house all day while they went and had fun.

While the “big kids” were playing with Legos, I strolled around the store trying to keep the rest of the children from driving me nuts after they were upset they couldn’t play with the Legos. I grabbed a couple of booklets that were lying on the register upfront for the kids to read. They love being able to hold things when we walk around stores. The booklets turned out to be guides on educational kids toys.  The toys are geared towards children with autism and other developmental delays. Each of the recommended toys had information on the skills they helped build, and the suggested age range they were designed for.

What a cool idea! So I had the kids go on a scavenger hunt to try and find some of the toys we had seen in the booklet. And you know what? They actually carry the toys they advertise! There is nothing like someone who advertises things but then doesn’t have them in stock. After a couple hours of fun it was time to go get some lunch. The kids all wanted different things (of course), but were able to agree on CiCi’s. Anytime there’s a buffet or all you can eat involved, you can bet my kids want to go. I guess the idea of being able to serve yourself and stuff your face with as much as you want is appealing to my children!

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  However the opinions expressed are mine.***


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