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Friday, June 25

Another Weekend Alone

In a few hours, my hubby will be on his way to Dark Mountain in North Carolina for a weekend long mountain biking camping trip with the boys.  And no I don't mean our sons.  He is leaving me home alone all weekend with all five of the kids!!  On the bright side, I would rather stay at home with all the kids and be able to sleep in my nice, comfortable queen size bed, than sleep on the hard rocky ground in camping tents  with a bunch of smelly, sweaty, drunk guys!!  Oh yeah I'll take the kids alone over that any day.  And don't even get me started on cooking on a camp stove or over a open fire. 

The last time I went camping, was in July 2007.  My hubby and I went with another couple to the La Jolla Indian Reservation in California.  It was supposed to be a nice, romantic (no kids) getaway, but the reality was that it sucked!!  First off, it rained.  Did you know that not all camping tents are waterproof? Guess what kind of tent we had?  The non water proof variety.  Then for our first dinner, Hubby decided to make beer battered potatoes on the camping stove.  There was no batter.  The potatoes were beer soaked.  Yummy...NOT!!! Have you ever had potatoes boiled in beer?  Potatoes are great, beer is good but together they make some really disgusting eats.   And that is why I am not the camping type of girl anymore.  Give me a nice, dry RV and I will gladly go camping anywhere, otherwise I'll stay home.

I hope hubby has a great time.  I know he will because he loves mountain biking, hanging out with the smelly guys, and being eaten alive by bugs.  But do not worry...I am keeping track and he is going to owe me BIG Time!!  Do you remember back in March when he went to Lake Tahoe to snowboard with the boys?  Guess who was home with the kids? All these weekend trips are adding up and I will cash in on them very soon!!

***Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post.  However all opinions are mine alone***


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