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Saturday, June 26

Look What I Can Do!!

My hubby is a huge fan of UFC and MMA. (for the uninitiated MMA is mixed martial arts). The last time we watched a match, there were two women fighting. Watching them made me realize that they both could easily kick my ass. Now, I am not a wimp but this did get me thinking about being able to protect myself.

As a woman in the twenty first century, I felt the need to better prepare myself and learn a little self defense. At first glance, my schedule is already hectic enough, between going to school full time, raising five kids, taking care of Hubby, and trying to find a few spare seconds for myself, I do not really have the ability to attend a martial arts class. I began searching the internet to see what different options were out there. I thought maybe I could have someone come to my house for private lessons, but quickly realized that would be way too expensive. So I kept looking for other options, and found all sorts of different how-to videos on the web. There were videos on YouTube with people claiming you could learn karate from the comfort of your own living room.

This got me thinking maybe we should enroll my oldest son in a class. He could definitely use the discipline. And it is not like he is not used to rough housing with my hubby, so I was not worried about him getting hurt. He also has a pen pal, Kenny, who just received his purple belt and his friend across the street from us, also is enrolled. He has expressed an interest in karate and this would be a great activity to keep him busy and entertained this summer. Plus I think that he thinks if he takes karate lessons, he will be able to kick my hubby’s butt. That would be a fight to post on YouTube!!

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  However the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone***


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