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Thursday, May 27

My New Layout..Love It??

So I decided that since it is Women Only Week, I should do something for me and my blog!! So thanks to Stacie over at Simply Stacie Blog, where she is hosting Build a Beautiful Blog Week. She posted about The Shabby Vanity and that until May 31, they were offering buy one design element get one half off (like header, background, button, flavicon, etc).  Well after seeing their prices ( which are WAY underpriced BTW) how could I not do it?  I decided that since I am pretty good with HTML stuff (like adding cute fonts to title posts, and adding post dividers) that I would order a background, header, a new Button (with the grab me code box), and a post title icon.  Do you want to know what she charged me??  $17!!  For all of that, plus she installed it!  The background is usually $10 (she gave it to me half off), the header is $7, the button was $2, and the icon was $3. AMAZING!!  I love the layout and Madeline was super sweet and great to work with!!  If you want a new look for your blog you should definitely check out The Shabby Vanity.  Tell Madeline that Allison sent you!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks great!
stopping by from MBC!

June 7, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

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