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Tuesday, May 11

Charlie's Soap Review

Do you have sensitive skin that is irratated by laundry soap and detergents?  Do you have a baby that you don't want exposed to harsh fragrences or chemicals?  Are you looking for an environmentally friendly laundry soap?  Then you HAVE to try Charlie's Soap!!!  Their soaps are made hypoallergenic, biodagradable, non toxic, and environmentally friendly.   It only takes 1 tablespoon of dry doap to clean a whole load of laundry.  And you can use it in HE or front loading washing machines!! That is a problem for me because a lot of detergents aren't made for frontloading washing machines because they need a lot more water then my machine uses, to completely dissolve.  And when the soap doesn't completely dissolve then it leaves residue in your clothes that are transfered to your skin. Gross!!

Charlie’s Soap is even approved by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat processing plants and on all surfaces for food processing and preparation equipment.  That really tells you how safe it is!!

Not only do we have kids, but I have really sensitive skin, and since using Charlie's Soap I have noticed my skin is less irratated then before!! 

You might be thinking that since it is made for sensitive skin that it will not be tough on skin but you would be wrong!!  It is amazing with all kids of stains.  Cody got chocolate ice cream on his shirt (Don't get me started on who gave a 2 1/2 year old chocolate ice cream..) and then it sat for a while.  And Charlie's Soap still got the stain out.  They are so good and confident that Charlie's Soap offers a money back guarentee!!  What are you waiting for?  Go buy some.  And check back here in August for my Back To School Week when I will be hosting a  Charlie's Soap giveaway!!


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