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Book Review: Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Gary Morgenstein

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The Allison Show: Book Review: Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Gary Morgenstein

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Monday, May 24

Book Review: Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Gary Morgenstein

*Title: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

*Author: Gary Morgenstein
*Publisher: CreateSpace
* ISBN:  978-1448620500

"Baseball and bailouts, as American as apple pie. Weaving today’s economic malaise with the powerful magic of a Cinderella baseball team, Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a political baseball novel for our times. The Buffalo Matadors haven’t won a world championship in 37 years, a dying franchise. Until flamboyant Harry Witowsky, a 21st Century George Steinbrenner, buys them, vowing to do whatever is necessary to change the fortunes of the “Door Mats.” Victories and attendance climb as Witowsky creates an Us versus Them mentality at the Stadium. The rally cry of “Where’s My Bailout” replaces “Let’s Go Mats.” Buffalo’s surprising surge resonates with a nation afraid of losing jobs and homes, shaken by terrorist threats, frightened for the future. The Matadors become America’s Team."

When Harry takes over as owner of the team, he decides that nothing will stand in his way of making them a winning team.  I think this was a really interesting political book.  It is based on a book that was published in 1980 but I think that the message is still, if not more so, important and relevant in today's crazy economic climate.

Now while I am not a big fan of baseball (I am nothing like the Matador's BIGGEST fan!!) I found that I really like the behind the scenes aspect of baseball in this book. I would definetly recommend this book for both baseball and non-baseball fans alike!  4 Stars out of 5!!


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