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Monday, May 10

Bagnesia Product Review

I love reuseable shopping bags!!  When Walmart first came out with their black bags, I bought 6 or 7.  Then I got a few free online from Earth Farms, and since March is National Frozen Food Month (who comes up with this stuff?) I got 2 insulated freezer bags for $1 each.  So you must be thinking that I am super Green Mom right?

 WRONG!!  I rarely never remember to bring my reuseable bags to the grocery store.  And since we shop for 7 people, we get a TON on plastic bags.  And since I can't remember to bring them back to the store to recycle them, they have taken over the cupboard under my kitchen sink.

But then I found out about Bagnesia!!  They came up with handy reminders (apparently its not just me!!  Yay!) so that everyone will remember to bring their bags to the store.  Thanks to Caprice @ Bagnesia, I was sent a reuseable bag Reminder Kit. The kit includes:

* A door hanger.  I hung it on our back door so that when I am leaving for the store, I see it and Grab my bags!

*A compact reuseable bag that rolls up smaller than my cell phone (No joke!!)

*A neoprene wrap that you can put on your steering wheel or emergency brake (just in case you miss the door hanger and make it to the car.)

*Carabineer Clip so you can clip you bag onto whatever.

* And they are all packeged in a drawstring storage tote!!
I love this kit!!  It is such a great idea!  And in the 2 weeks (or so) that I have had it, I have not forgotten my bags once!!!  Yay!  Go check out they site for all the cool products they make.  Bagnesia

***Disclaimer: I received this product for free inexchange for my honest opinion and review.***


Blogger SaraJane said...

That is a really great idea! I'm always forgetting mine too!

May 12, 2010 at 4:32 PM  

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