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Tuesday, October 20

Hospital Saga

We got to the ER yesterday around 4 pm and we were immediately put in a room (FYI Sunday afternoon is the time to go to the ER...They were deserted!). They did a breathing treatment and another chest xray. The spot on his lung is still there. So over the next 3 hours he got another 2 breathing treatments. Around 7 we met with 2 pediatric residents and they decided that enough was enough and that they want to admit him to Children's Hospital. Good thing I have Monday and Tuesday off of school for fall break cause I think we might be here a while. Then around 830 Mason fell asleep while I was holding him so I laid back and put him on my chest. A minute later his oxygen saturation dropped to 89% and stayed there. Since doctors don't like it to go below 92% they gave me an oxygen mask to hold up to his face to raise his oxygen levels. He was on oxygen for about an hour and then he was able to keep his levels up without it. We got up to our room around 930 and they gave him an IV of fluids and put him in a teeny baby hospital gown. That was the saddest most pitiful thing ever. AWWW. My baby looked so sad in his "dress".


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