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Hospital Saga Day 3

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The Allison Show: Hospital Saga Day 3

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Wednesday, October 21

Hospital Saga Day 3

Last night Mason was all strung out on the meds and the breathing treatments and didn't want to go to sleep even though he was very tired. I finally got him to sleep around 10. A few minutes later his oxygen dropped to 90% and stayed there for 45 minutes. then it dropped down to 89% and stayed there. That was when I went and got the nurse and told her we needed to start the oxygen again. This time instead of giving him an oxygen mask that I have to keep near his face we decided to try a nasal cannula. Mason hated it!!! But once I got him back to sleep, now its 1230, he slept amazingly!!! He woke up at 7 to nurse. Since he had to have oxygen we will not be going home today...Maybe tomorrow. Bad news: The doctor came in and listened to him and Mason is wheezing again. Oh no. He should not be doing that again especially with all the meds so the doctor said she will probably order another chest xray. Good news: The mucus in his lungs is finally breaking up and he is starting to cough it up and his nose is running. This is good but it makes it harder for Mason to breathe through his nose when he nurses and it makes him actually feel sick now. Poor Baby!!! Hopefully the doctors will get him well once and for all.


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