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Hospital Saga Day 2

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The Allison Show: Hospital Saga Day 2

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Tuesday, October 20

Hospital Saga Day 2

Mason is doing about the same. He is not wheezing anymore but his breathing is crackly and he is not feeling well. Last night his oxygen dropped again so on went the oxygen. But this time he couldn't keep them up on his own after an fact he needed oxygen all night. Needless to say we didn't sleep very much. He is getting high dose broad spectrum antibiotics in his IV once a day, he is getting steroids in his IV twice a day, and in addition to the albuterol breathing treatments he is getting pulmicort which is an asthma med, twice a day. The breathing treatments were not doing much so they had him get one every hour for 3 hours and then every 2 hours for the next 3 hours and then they went back to every 4 hours. I think the problem is that the respiratory therapist that comes to give the treatments does peds, PICU and the NICU so she is pretty busy and most of the time they only make it to our room every 5 hours. Maybe the treatments would work if he got them on time?? I don't know though I didn't go to med school (yet).


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