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The Allison Show: October 2009

The Allison Show

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Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween turned out to be a lot of fun. DJ and I took the kids trick or treating over by my friend Janice's house. DJ's parents came with us. It was really cold and raining most of the time. Blake saw a friend from school so they were together most of the time. the kids decided they needed to change their costumes so Blake was a ninja, Kayla was a witch, Jacob was a grim reaper, and Cody was Spiderman again. Poor Cody's pants were too long so by the time we went home he was wet up to his knees.

Friday, October 30

Trick Or Treating at the Mall.

The kids had a blast at the mall. They opened the mall to kids from 4-6 pm. We were there about an hour from 4-5 and the kids got a ton of candy. Blake was Bumblebee from Transformers ( said the mask was too small), Kayla was an Army girl, Jacob was a red Power Ranger, Cody was Spiderman, and Mason was a giraffe.

*****Thanks to Janice for taking these pictures since I forgot the camera!!*****

Thursday, October 22

Hospital Saga Day 4

Here we are...still at the hospital. They never did a chest xray yesterday. He needed oxygen again last night but instead of starting it at 1030 or so like the night before, we had to start it around 6 pm. But he just took a nap and while he was asleep he kept his oxygen at 99!! But he was in the bouncy chair so maybe that helped. He is still wheezing though. A resident just came in and asked when he had received a breathing treatment last...Like an hour ago. I asked about the chest xray and she thought it was ordered for tomorrow. WTF?? We think the baby needs an xray but we don't schedule it for 2 days? Really getting tired of this hospital and its doctors and staff. Then for most of the night his IV wasn't working properly so the alarm kept going off. That makes it really easy to sleep when you have to keep getting up and turning off the alarm. They used another brace on his arm today so now he can't bend his right arm and that has kept the IV alarm from going off!! Yesterday they took him off the IV steroids and started him on oral steroids. They also started him on oral Zantac, which is intended to for reflux, which he may have. Hopefully we won't be here this weekend!!

Wednesday, October 21

Hospital Saga Day 3

Last night Mason was all strung out on the meds and the breathing treatments and didn't want to go to sleep even though he was very tired. I finally got him to sleep around 10. A few minutes later his oxygen dropped to 90% and stayed there for 45 minutes. then it dropped down to 89% and stayed there. That was when I went and got the nurse and told her we needed to start the oxygen again. This time instead of giving him an oxygen mask that I have to keep near his face we decided to try a nasal cannula. Mason hated it!!! But once I got him back to sleep, now its 1230, he slept amazingly!!! He woke up at 7 to nurse. Since he had to have oxygen we will not be going home today...Maybe tomorrow. Bad news: The doctor came in and listened to him and Mason is wheezing again. Oh no. He should not be doing that again especially with all the meds so the doctor said she will probably order another chest xray. Good news: The mucus in his lungs is finally breaking up and he is starting to cough it up and his nose is running. This is good but it makes it harder for Mason to breathe through his nose when he nurses and it makes him actually feel sick now. Poor Baby!!! Hopefully the doctors will get him well once and for all.

Tuesday, October 20

Hospital Saga Day 2

Mason is doing about the same. He is not wheezing anymore but his breathing is crackly and he is not feeling well. Last night his oxygen dropped again so on went the oxygen. But this time he couldn't keep them up on his own after an fact he needed oxygen all night. Needless to say we didn't sleep very much. He is getting high dose broad spectrum antibiotics in his IV once a day, he is getting steroids in his IV twice a day, and in addition to the albuterol breathing treatments he is getting pulmicort which is an asthma med, twice a day. The breathing treatments were not doing much so they had him get one every hour for 3 hours and then every 2 hours for the next 3 hours and then they went back to every 4 hours. I think the problem is that the respiratory therapist that comes to give the treatments does peds, PICU and the NICU so she is pretty busy and most of the time they only make it to our room every 5 hours. Maybe the treatments would work if he got them on time?? I don't know though I didn't go to med school (yet).

Hospital Saga

We got to the ER yesterday around 4 pm and we were immediately put in a room (FYI Sunday afternoon is the time to go to the ER...They were deserted!). They did a breathing treatment and another chest xray. The spot on his lung is still there. So over the next 3 hours he got another 2 breathing treatments. Around 7 we met with 2 pediatric residents and they decided that enough was enough and that they want to admit him to Children's Hospital. Good thing I have Monday and Tuesday off of school for fall break cause I think we might be here a while. Then around 830 Mason fell asleep while I was holding him so I laid back and put him on my chest. A minute later his oxygen saturation dropped to 89% and stayed there. Since doctors don't like it to go below 92% they gave me an oxygen mask to hold up to his face to raise his oxygen levels. He was on oxygen for about an hour and then he was able to keep his levels up without it. We got up to our room around 930 and they gave him an IV of fluids and put him in a teeny baby hospital gown. That was the saddest most pitiful thing ever. AWWW. My baby looked so sad in his "dress".

Sunday, October 18


So when we went to the ER on the 8th, they said Mason should be fine in a week tops. Well that was 3 days ago and he is still wheezy and not feeling well. I am going to take him to the ER again and see whats up. He needs to get better!!

Saturday, October 17


We finally took Jacob and Cody to get haircuts!! So all of you that text me saying they look like hippie girls will now be silenced!! Yay. Jacob has school pictures on Monday, (for that matter so does Blake and Kayla, and Blake needs DJ to cut his hair too) so we wanted his first schol pictures to look cute and not shaggy. They both came out really well. I will post picks as soon as I can!

Thursday, October 8


We took Mason back to the ER at 9 this morning for his re-check. They gave him 3 breathing treatments in the 3 hours we were there. I don't understand why at the ER he gets breathing treatments pretty much every hour but at home he is supposed to be able to go 4-6 hours? How does that make any sense? They tested his snot for RSV and that came back negative so that is good! They said to keep doing what we are doing and he should be good as new in a week tops!

Tuesday, October 6

Mason's Sick!

We took Mason to the urgent care because he has been wheezing for about 2 weeks and it is getting worse. They said they thought he might have RSV so we should take him to the ER. We sat in the waiting room for about an hour before we got a room. They did a breathing treatment with albuterol to see if that would help stop the wheezing. They did a chest xray and saw a dark spot on his right lung. So they think he has pnuemonia. He also has an ear infection. By the time we went home he had received 3 breathing treatments and some oral steroids. The doctor wants us to give him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours, give him antibiotics twice a day for 10 days and liquid steroids for 4 more days. We also have to get him re-checked at the ER on Thursday. Poor baby!!! Hope he starts to feel better!